Best Hotspot Software —5 Best Apps Reviewed

best Hotspot Software

You can’t afford to fall behind the rest of the market. You need to be able to connect to the internet whenever you have to take care of business. And what if you’re not near a LAN cable or perhaps one of your routers got damaged? What if you and your team needs to connect, but you only have one modem or USB router?

Luckily the market provides for every eventuality and you simply have to take note, download & use the apps available. For those internet emergencies you need Hotspot software.

And no, this isn’t for business only. How do you make sure everyone can enjoy online gaming if you only have one LAN cable? That’s right. Turn your PC into a router so everyone can partake.

But what software works? Below we review a few of the best ones on the market. Pick one that fits your preferences and your budget.

How to Rate Hotspot Software

Yes, there are many quality products. But don’t make too rash a decision when picking your Hotspot software. Remember, this determines how successful your next online session will be. When you’re giving access to friends or colleagues, you don’t want them to get frustrated with the quality of the connection.

The app you pick must benefit you and those accessing the network. So what do you use to rate apps?

  • Cost
  • Connection features
  • Connection quality
  • Device management options
  • User friendliness

Best on the Market

Most of these apps have easy to remember names that tell you exactly what they’re about. You’ll easily find them through a quick Google search. Let’s see which one’s for you.


This is a popular option for many users and the free option is only one of the selling points.

Of course you don’t want anyone abusing the Wi-Fi hotspot, especially if you’re the one taking care of the bill. Connectify clearly shows usage rates for each connected device. This means you can turn your laptop into a paid for internet source, because you can accurately determine what each user owes you.

You’ll also see how fast the connections are, so you know the quality of the service you’re providing your customers.

It’s easy to use and setup too, but there are some drawbacks:

  • Not everyone enjoys the 30 minute timeout feature. It means you have to reconnect regularly.
  • You’re prevented from sending files or videos. While this helps you manage your data usage, it can be bothersome if your business depends on them being sent.

My WIFI Router

You want your signal to be strong and this is what you get with My WIFI Router. It seems the designers did thorough market research before launching this app, because it provides many essential features, especially for business use:

  • You can send any type of file or document
  • All connection types can be supported, even 4G
  • Multiple devices can use the connection point and you can also block ones you don’t want to accommodate
  • It’s password protected—if you opt for that setting—so you can keep your network secure
  • You can customize the network name for a professional touch
  • Network speeds of individual devices can be managed

Is this the business solution you’ve been looking for?

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

User friendliness is at the top of my priority list when I rate technology. And Baidu WiFi Hotspot impresses on quite a number of areas.

It caters for many communities, as it can be set to operate in one of six languages. And as long as you know basic computer functions, you’ll easily set up this hotspot. Installation literally takes about a minute, so if you need a quick solution, you’ve found it.

It gives you a solid foundation to work on, because it provides both quality signals and has a far reaching range. Almost any file or document can be sent via the connection.


This is a market leading brand, because it’s one of the first products that entered the market more than a decade ago. The fact that 30 000 business in over 150 countries still use it, proves that it’s still a quality product that’s here to stay.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy if you download this app:

  • Your business can brand the connection with a logo
  • You can provide free access or paid services via credit card
  • Video ads can enhance complimentary access
  • Live support available
  • User friendly interface
  • You can manage settings for all devices on the system

It’s an ideal solution for businesses and if you want to provide access as a business service. What more can you ask for?

Thinix WiFi Hotspot

Not sure what app to use? Luckily there are software options such as Thinix. You can test it by using the trial version and when you know it’s what you want, upgrade to a subscription.

It has the necessary encryption and user friendliness to give you easy, safe internet access wherever you go.


Which one is suitable for your use? What I love most about these apps is that many of them have free options. So nothing stops you from transforming your online experiences now. With technology so much more becomes possible. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.


Don’t put any limits on your online experiences. There’s an app that helps for almost any challenge and now you can solve internet access problems too. It’s called Hotspot software.

Use these apps to turn a PC or laptop into the local Wi-Fi source. Then everyone can enjoy internet access, even if you only have one LAN cable or modem available.

Here we review some of the best ones on the market. Pick one according to your budget and needs.

These days there are almost no limits to what technology can do for you. Use Hotspot software to enhance internet access for business use, or to take gaming to a new level with your friends. What will you use this software for?

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