6 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

how to attend an interview

You can never predict job interviews.It will either go better than expected,be terrible or you won’t know what the interviewer thinks of you. And in all cases you can only hope for the best. However, hoping won’t guarantee success.

What if you can improve your chances of getting the job? Much of this is about having confidence. And if you want to face an interview with confidence you must prepare for it. Here’s what you do.

Dress as if Your Life Depends on It

The first judgment regarding you will be about how you’re dressed. Wear the outfit that shows you’re a professional. Prepare what you’ll wear the day before and make sure it looks smart.

These are always winners:

  • Simple colors such as black, whites and neutrals are best to wear.
  • Keep your hair, finger nails and face clean & neat.

Bright clothing and a funky hairis too distracting. They take the focus away from your personality and what you bring to the table.

Remember to cover tattoos as they could be against company policies. Can you impress now, simply by walking in the door?

Don’t Arrive on Time

No, this isn’t what you think it means. Don’t arrive on time and never be late for a job interview. What must you do instead?

You must arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview. It shows one personality attribute that many interviewers seek—punctuality!

Make sure you have enough time to get ready. You wouldn’t want to rush out the door and forget to brush your hair. This is added pressure you don’t need.

Before the job interview go to Google or Apple maps and determine how far the location is from your home. This gives you an estimate of when you should leave to get there 10 minutes before.

Here is a tip for those who need to wait a couple of days for their interview.Go into the map application at the same time the interview is scheduled.This shows you the general tendencies of traffic at that time.

Now you can plan accurately and arrive with confidence, instead of in a rush.

Research the Company

Almost every interviewer asks what you know about them. It doesn’t look good when your response is “I don’t know”. He or she can only assume you have absolutely no interest in the company and the job. You only want the income.

You can wave the chance of you being employed goodbye.

When you know the company you understand the job description and responsibilities better. Less explanation is needed which can make interview time shorter. This means less stress!

You don’t need to know the little details off by heart, such as who found it. Research the products, services and processes that mostly relate to the interview.

Interviewers will be pleased that you know about the company. This is one more thing that makes the interviewers remember you.

Research Practice Questions

The most stressful part of an interview is answering questions. We try so hard to find the perfect answer.

Avoid answering with “I don’t know”.Sometimes it may be difficult to keep this up, depending on the question. If the question relates to the company then this response may be acceptable.

But if the question is about you, your knowledge, skills and attributes then never answer with this. You might as well replace it with “I don’t care” and it may elicit the same belief that you don’t have any interests in the company.

You can avoid these answers by researching practice interview questions. They help you stimulate thoughts and solicit a better answer.

When prepared, you can feel more relaxed on the day of the interview. You won’t be too nervous to showcase your attributes. Impress them with the best of you.

Prepare Questions

Almost every interviewer will end the session with “Do you have any questions?” It looks good when you ask questions that show your interest in the company and the job.

Sometimes you may not even have questions, but it’s always important you ask. That’s why you must prepare some beforehand.

It’s good etiquette to not ask about the earnings and other benefits. If you do, they’ll think you only worry about the job’s perks. Interviewers want someone who benefits the company with their desire to be a part of it.

Practice Body Language

Stand tall and proud. This physical position will help you feel more confident that the interview will go well. This positive energy helps you to feel more relaxed.

Your body language also influences the interviewers. Practice to rest your hands in your lap to open up your body. This gesture shows you welcome all.

Make eye contact too because it shows politeness and interest. You engage in the interview better, turning it into one that is more enjoyable for everyone.

The interviewers may also feed on the attitude you give off. If you’re polite, smile and open they may be too. The formal barriers will be dropped.

Although its an interview it won’t feel as one. To you it’ll feel more as a conversation. This is a better situation to have an interview.

Will you be ready for your next interview? With confidence on your side, you’ll make a good impression. And that will help you land the job you’ve always wanted.


If you have a job interview coming up you don’t need to feel anxious about it. If you take your time and prepare for the interview it’ll probably go better than you expect.

Getting prepared is quick and simple. You don’t have to study a handbook. Just take a look at these six tips. They help you prepare for your next upcoming interview. When you follow these you’ll improve the impression you leave on the interviewers.

These tips give you a short checklist of all the tasks you must do that build your confidence before the interview. Aspects such as research on the company are the small details that significantly boost your poise and help you give the right answers to questions.

These tips help towards making you the most impressive amongst the candidates.