How to Make a Silk Threaded Bangle and Necklace

how to make thread bangles

Be your own jeweler and learn how to make bangles & necklaces using silk. It’s not as difficult as you think. With the right materials you can make the jewelry within minutes.

This article gives individual instructions for each piece.

Silk Threaded Bangle

What you will need

Have the following materials on you before you start. Being prepared makes for a more efficient process:

  • A plain bangle of any size you prefer
  • Silk threads
  • Cardboard paper
  • Material glue
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry décor (optional)


Step One: Unwinding the Thread

Take one end of the silk and wrap it around the cardboard paper lengthwise. Loop the threads close to one another for it to be thick.

Try not to pull too tightly when you wrap around the paper as the end may move. A tighter paper can make the loop smaller.

Depending on the bangle’s size you may need more than one loop. Prepare two incase the first one runs out before the bangle is complete. This way you’ll be more efficient in terms of time.

Step Two: Glue the Ends

When you finish creating the loop ensure the last end is near the first one. Glue the two pieces together. Use about a pinkie nail worth of glue to make this glued area large.

The glue must be dry before you continue.

Step Three: Making the Bangle

Once the glue is dried, cut at the point where you’ve applied it. This creates two solid ends. Cut it in a way that the one end’s glue piece is longer than the other.

Take the longer end and glue it inside the bangle. You can immediately start threading the silk over the bangle. First wrap over the glued part tightly so the end doesn’t move.

Follow the direction you’ve created after the first loop.

When the thread is finished before you complete the bangle ensure the end piece is placed inside.

Take the second thread you’ve created and repeat this step again. Glue the ends of the first and last threaded pieces together. Start again by wrapping once around this glued part. This creates a more seamless look.

When you’re done, glue the last end inside the bangle and wait for it to dry before you use it.

Step four: Decorate the Bangle

Once the glue is completely dry you can decorate the bangle with beads, gems and other stylish décor pieces. Use your own preferences to make it fit your personal style.

Silk Threaded Necklace

Braided silk threaded necklaces are the simplest to make. Follow these instructions and you can be a pro at making your own.

What you need

Obtain the following:

  • Silk thread
  • Paper
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

Step One: Creating the Three Threads

Measure your neck with a thread or measuring tape and chart it on a piece of paper. Roll out the thread around the paper for it to be according to this scale.

This action is the same as the threaded bangle. Glue the two ends together.

Because this is a braided necklace you need three of these with 45-50 layers of thread in each.

Cut them once they’re dry.

Step Two: Braid the Three Strands

Join the three ends (with glue) and stick it down with tape on a flat surface. This prevents any of the threads from slipping when you braid.

Once the ends are secured you can begin braiding. You may need practice if you’re inexperienced:

  • Take the thread on the right and place in the middle. Pull the middle to the right side. It becomes the new right thread.
  • Then take the left thread and place that in the middle. The middle is now the new left thread.
  • Then pull for a tighter fit.

Remember this sequence as you braid:

  • Right to middle
  • Left to middle
  • Tighten and repeat

This helps you not to lose track of where one thread should go. Once you get the hang of it you can braid faster.

Keep braiding until you’ve reached the length you want. Glue the last braided piece together and cut away the extra strands. Your necklace starts and ends with a braid.

Ensure the glue on both ends are dry before you add the jump rings and lobster clasp. One of these items must go on either end for them to attach to one another. You sew these items into the braided thread.

With these steps you can also make a braided bangle. The only difference is the threads will be at least half the size.

Step Three: Decorating the Necklace

This step is optional. Do it if you want to add more flair to your necklace.

You need:

  • Decorative beads or stones
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread

Decorate the necklace to the style you want. If you want the pieces to stay in place first glue it down and then loop a thread around it.

Making threaded silk bangles and necklaces is simple. You just need time and patience to focus on the tasks. Once you get the hang of it you can increase your skill. With that you also boost your creativity that helps you make better looking pieces. Soon you will be a pro.


You don’t need to keep buying new jewelry because you can make your own stylish pieces. This article proves that it’s easy.

You get two separate instructions on how to make a silk threaded bangle and necklace. The instructions give:

  • A list of items you need
  • Steps that are easy to follow

The preparations are the same for each style however the methods are different. Not to worry, because these require the most basic skills and entail little time, energy & materials.

These pieces are effortless to make and within a day you can make a handful of them. You can style the bangles and necklaces any way you want for them to have unique looks so you have jewelry to wear with each of your favorite outfits.

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