Top Construction Companies in India

Top Construction Companies in India

Do you also think of the large population when you hear India mentioned? This is a fact and at one stage, its infrastructure couldn’t support this.

But times change.

The lives of people are improving thanks to these top construction companies. Isn’t is impressive to see the impact large corporations can make?

L&T Construction

The first company on the list is India’s largest construction company and ranked top 30 globally. L&T construction has been in the industry for years. The most notable work of the company is transforming cityscapes and landscapes into structures of immense beauty.

L&T researches and develops the best construction technology to ensure their buildings are made efficiently.

When you work with India’s best construction company your projects are finished with striking detail and quality.

Tata Projects Limited

Tata isn’t only a car manufacturer but it also has a sound knowledge of the construction business. The company has experience in executing civil, electrical, medical and water works for multiple industries.

There is an in house design unit to help you with all your construction design needs. It works closely with the construction unit to ensure anythingimagined or planned is viable to start constructing.

Hindustan Construction Co. Limited

Hindustan Construction Co. Limited (HCC) is a pioneer in the infrastructure industry. HCC is at the forefront of leading technologies and always tries to reach new milestones to make itself the best.

HCC is proud to be responsible for certain landmarks that have defined the country’s progress. Now the company desires to work on projects that better the lives of the population.

Gamon India

This company understands the pressure of tough and deadline filled jobs. And what is its specialty? It has the claim to the highest number of bridges built.

This company not only completed constructions in India but also across the world. The different projects have impacted the lives of millions of people.

Gamon India works with revolutionary materials such as:

  • Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete
  • Long span bridges
  • Underwater concreting
  • Nonshrinking concrete

The ethical practices and top materials make it an honor to work with this company.

Simplex Infrastructure Limited

Established in 1924 Simplex Infrastructure Limited is India’s oldest construction company. It has years of experience which shaped the way it does business today.

The company works in plenty of areas namely:

  • Roads, railways and bridges
  • Buildings
  • Industry
  • Power and transmission
  • Marine
  • Ground engineering
  • Urban infrastructure

Safety is the main concern of Simplex Infrastructure Limited. This company has one of the biggest safety practices implemented. These practices ensure that the different structures are safe and durable for years to come. This is the kind of focus you want your construction team to have.

Jaypee Group

What are your project needs?

  • Engineering and construction
  • Cement
  • Power utilities
  • Expressways
  • Hospital facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Real estate

All these can be done by Jaypee Group, as they have the tools, men and drive to complete your project.

It has a large corporate social responsibility scheme. This focuses on improving the environment and education & health care of the community.

Shapoorji Pallonji

Shapoorji Pallonji understands what it takes to make the best looking and safest buildings for residents, workers &the general public.

The company aims to find the best innovative solutions for all its construction projects. These projects must be prime examples of safety and quality.

The design team creates contemporary looks that bring new eras of style into the country.

Safety, innovation and style are the key attributes of this company making them excel within the industry.

Punj Lloyd

Punj Lloyd hasa diverse range of workers and skills that make them tackle every task with precision & efficiency.

The company does construction work outside of India too. There are 24 international offices across the Middle East, Caspian, Asia Pacific, Africa, South Asia, China and Europe.

When the company works in new lands and faces different challenges it takes these as learning curves to better itself for further projects.

ACC India Pvt. Ltd

ACC India is the leading construction contractor in the MENA region.

It has a portfolio that includes the Middle East and India’s most iconic & sophisticated construction pieces.

Across the different regions where it works there are over 30 000 people in the workforce. Employees work together to implement new skills.

These employees work to find the most innovative materials and equipment the world needs for a safe infrastructure.

IVRCL Limited

The final company concluding the list of the top construction companies in India is IVRCL limited.

The company has been in operation for over 25 years and has prided itself in the knowledge essential to this industry.

The company is a diversified group. The core areas of work include:

  • Water and the environment
  • Irrigation
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and industrial structures
  • Power distribution and transmission
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Mining

Who are you picking to work in your construction endeavors? Cities grow large and better because of construction companies who want to better the lives of the population. When you see how India has improved over the years you’ll know these teams will help you excel too.


Take a look at the role players who are shaping India’s infrastructure. They’ve completed plenty of projects throughout the years which result in the expert knowledge and experience the construction industryrequires.

The portfolio of these companies range from buildings, roads, railways, bridges, water infrastructures and more. These projects are large which is why quality and safety are important. They aim to build structures that last forever with little maintenance required.

Here on this list are 10 companies who have made the lives of the people in India better. And they strive to keep up this improvement. These companies always look for new, better technology that ensures the best possible buildings and structures.

The list only gives you a brief description of each company. But if they’re on this list you know that these companies are thebest options for whatever projects you may have.

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