The Best Mixer Grinder for Your Kitchen

Best Mixer Grinder for Your Kitchen

A mixer grinder is the perfect kitchen accessory because it cuts your cooking time in half. It also helps you prepare for meals more effectively than what you can by hand.

Many people are using this handyshortcut. What’s the proof that they work? You’ll find these in the kitchens of hotels and restaurants. If professional chefs take joy in mixer grinders you will too.

Here’s a break down of mixer grinders to upgrade your kitchen appliances.

Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder

The Bajaj Rex has all the features which make your job in the kitchen easier. There are three jars for you to use based on what you cook:

  • One for liquidizing
  • A jar for dry grinding
  • A third one for all the sauces you dream of making

The mixer grinder is very powerful—500W—yet you have ultimate control of the outcome.

The three speed control and the multifunction blade system determine how finely you will grind your food.

It’s not only the performance that will impress you, but its durability will too. When you spend money on an appliance don’t you expect it tolook new for years?

You’ll get exactly that with the Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder. The rust proof body is made of ABS plastic. Even after years you’ll won’t see any deterioration so your mixer will always look shiny and complement your kitchen.

Philips HL1645 750W Mixer Grinder

Just by looking at the brand name you know this is atrustworthy appliance.

The Blue series by Philips is taking the Indian market by storm. The main feature owners love about this mixer grinder is how quiet it operates even though it has a large motor.

With a powerful 750W mixer you’re sure to blend food in no time. The three jars in the kit are useful based on what you’re mixing up. You get:

  • Chutney jar
  • Wet grinding jar
  • The multi purpose jar is great when mixing up large batches

There is something unique about these jars from Philips which makes them perfect for cooking. What’s the one thing you don’t enjoy when mixing food in a grinder? It’s most likely how it sticks to the wall of the jar.

These jars have a Revers Quadra property to them. With this your food won’t stick to the walls making it easier for you to get it out.

The grinder is the best companion to have if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, because there’s even a fruit juicer to make healthy drinks.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218

Preethi is a well established brand in India. Many consumers look to this brand to offer them products that are reliable and durable.

The Zodiac MG 218 is no exception.

This is also a high performance mixer grinder. What makes the Preethi a great consideration is that it offers the best features a mixer grinder can have while still being priced within your budget.

There are four jars you get to use with the Zodiac. These jars have different sizes and uses, such as the one specifically for juicing.

The brand puts a great deal into the safety of its products. One feature many appreciate is the safety indicator. It’ll turn red when the motor is overworking. When you see the indicator you know you must let the mixer grinder rest for a few minutes before you continue.

Panasonic MX AC 400

Panasonic is another brand that has been making reliable products for decades. Many consumers trust in their products. When the company eventually entered the kitchen industry many consumers looked forward to what Panasonic offered.

This mixer grinder is made for occasional use making it a perfect accessory for household kitchens. The multiple jars help you grind what you need in the right quantities.

The jars also have different blades so you can blitz the food into textures that you prefer.

The MX AC 400 has a unique interlocking system so the jars lock into place. No more fears about accidentally knocking over a jar and having the contents spill all over your kitchen.

Butterfly Matchless 750W Mixer Grinder

The last mixer grinder you should consider is the Butterfly Matchless unit. This is one of the most stylish mixer grinders that you could ever find.

You get style, but also the performance you need. The 750W heavy duty motor helps you mix food quickly. With the four jars and different style blades you have control of how your food is mixed.

The lid design is capable of holding the food inside the jar while in use. You don’t need to hold down the lid at all. Your hands will be free for you to attend to other cooking and preparation tasks. The jar lock indicator is a safety feature you’ll love. It signals whether the jar is locked in place or not which is important in preventing accidental spills.

The machinery is also equipped with a ventilator to keep the motor running cool. This means you don’t have to stop in the middle of your cooking and it assists towards a longer lifespan.

You have the four best mixer grinders to pick from. These have the greatest power in helping you along your cooking journey. Isn’t it time you upgrade your kitchen to make you the chef you know you can be?


The beauty of mixer grinders is they help with many tasks regarding cooking. Perhaps you haven’t realized how one can benefit you. Will you consider getting one?

There are so many best mixer grinder brands to pick from, how can you be certain which ones are the best? That’s why an article such as this comes in handy when you’re stuck on picking a product.

There are four mixer grinders you can pick from. The article highlights their best features which make them perfect buys for your home.

Because these machines are manufactured by well established brandsyou can rely on them. Many across India do and so should you. Which one will be in your kitchen soon?

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