Enjoy Your Music — 4 of the Best Headphones

Best Headphones

How can you make a dull moment fun instantly? You listen to music ofcourse. What will elevate your musical experience is when you listen to music with the best headphones the 2018 market offers.

If you have a budget of Rs1000 then you’re one step closer to buying the best headphones for your style.

Sofirst let’s explore the headphones that people love. Try out one of these after we’ve helped you decide which one is best for you.

Panasonic RP HBD250

The Panasonic headphones from Japan are made entirely from plastic. Don’t think it’s fragile because the construction is very sturdy. The body has a matte finish which is great if you want to reduce the fingerprints you can see on it.

The headphones are comfortable due to the soft leather padding in each earcup. You can listen to music for hours without your ears hurting from the pressure of the cups.

The headphones connect to the music device via the aux cable. The cable is wrapped in rubber to give it that durable quality you seek. There is also a tangle free quality to the cable which makes the entire headphone ready to use whenever you pick it up.

However it’s the sound that matters when you purchase a headphone.

If you’re one that listens to songs that have plenty of high notes you may not be able to hear them with clarity.This headphone packs the bass many consumers seek in the Indian Market. The low sounds resonate powerfully. If you prefer songs that are upbeat then the Panasonic delivers the sounds that you need.

What are your preferences?

Sennheiser HD180

Although the Sennheiser fits into your budget, don’t think it lacks that vibrant sounds you seek. All the tones are delivered in clarity. There is no over-exertion of vibrations because of deep notes.

Sometimes you pick headphones to use while watching movies and TV shows in order to receive that cinematic effect. If you enjoy action scenes then pick these headphones because the large drivers allow for a powerful soundstage. It doesn’t have the same effect when someone is speaking.

Because of the large drivers it’s safe to say this earphone is suited for you to listen to music.

The Sennheiser HD180 also has a simple design. The whole body is made of plastic. The only available color is black for a sleek look. The ear cups are coated in silver for added sophistication.

The earcups offer a comfortable fit over anyone’s ears. It can be worn for hours without any discomfort.


The JBL is said to be ideal in terms of comfort, portability and sound. As with many of JBL’s headphones these are also embedded with the signature sound of deep bass.

The padded earcups are comfortable to wear over your ears while you listen to music for hours. For a better fit you can adjust the length of it to match the size of your head better.

The JBL headphone is one of the best in its category to deliver the music you love with precision. There is no vibration of low notes and the higher ones don’t make your ears ring. There is a perfect balance between the two that is immensely enjoyable.

You can enjoy this earphone for years because its sturdy construction is built to last.

Sony MDR ZX110

You probably know the brand Sony well. It’s an internationally acclaimed brand that makes numerous products that many customers in different markets seek.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that headphones from the brand are also top quality, making them some of the best in the world. Why?

The headphones are light, so they’re comfortable to wear for hours such as when you’re traveling.

The Sony MDR ZX110 has the most sophisticated design out of all the headphones within its price range. It does this by combining matte and gloss.

A feature that is barely seen in headphones within this category is the inside folding design. The headphones fold down to a compact size for easier portability.

The cord is the same color of the body and it’s durable. It doesn’t tangle up making it convenient to grab and go. The headphone is only intended for music listening and it’s not embedded with a remote or microphone.

The Sony MDR ZX110 has a driver unit of 30mm and a 12-22000Hz frequency response. If you’re not a sound guru all this means you’ll have the best music quality in your ears. Every musical note can be heard exceptionally well.

The soundstage of the Sony MD ZX110 is also very impressive. It’s great for when you want to watch movies or your favorite TV shows. Not only are the action scenes in full blast but you can hear every conversation clearly.

All these features make the Sony MDR ZX110 the best.


There is no better way of listening to your music than with headphones. The earcups cover your whole ears making no entry point for external sounds. Don’t simply listen to your music if headphones can help you experience it.


When you want to listen to music you want it all the sounds to be delivered exceptionally. In order for you to fulfill this desire you may think you need to purchase a headphone that quite costly.

Don’t feel discouraged in your search for headphones. You’ll be impressed with what you can find on the market and we showcase some of the best, affordable ones here.

In India there are four popular headphones. What makes them so popular? Well these headphones have perfect blends of style, performance and durability.

There is one more feature to these headphones that makes everyone smile and that’s the prices.

All four products are under Rs1000 which is perfect for your budget. You can get quality products, without unnecessary features and overall performances that are exception. Whether it’s for music, gaming or viewing your favorite movie, which of these will you pick?

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