Privacy Policy

You as our readers are important to us. That’s why we put guidelines in place to ensure your online safety while visiting our website.

Please have a look at our Privacy Policy below. Familiarize yourself with our policies that relate to privacy and rights associated with using this page.

What Information of You do We Need?

During your visit to our site we may draw information from you. This can happen in one of the following ways.


Part of our vision is to ensure each visitor enjoys his or her time while browsing this website. Cookies help us enhance your experience, because it informs us of what you’ll like.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file. Our website will place the cookie on your computer. Why? Because we want to monitor:

  • Some of your accessible personal information (such as your name)
  • Details about your preferences (such as what items you browse during online shopping)

Imagine your visit to a website is customized to fit your preferences in terms of ads you see and layout of a page. That becomes possible if you allow our cookies to find out a little bit about you.

Don’t worry, we can’t access your private details. Cookies can’t ‘do’ anything so they won’t source information from your hard disk. They simply look at what you generally like to do online.

Why do we do this? Because we want to give you exactly what you’re looking for when you visit our site.

Manually Entered Information

We love engaging with our community. That’s why you’ll find opportunities to enter some of your personal detail on our website. Perhaps you’d like some feedback from us or even post a comment. We encourage you to become part of the exciting group of people.

Why do We Want Information?

As mentioned above, we can customize and improve your online experience, but only if we know something about you.

Why enter general detail—such as your name—twice if we can automatically fill those fields with data we obtained on your previous visit?

These features also save you time because you’ll be connected with relevant information on our site, fast.

What Happens with Your Information?

Our community’s privacy is one of our priorities. That’s why we do our utmost to protect any data we obtain.

Secure Storage

Your information is kept on servers that are optimized with excellent technology. It prevents data from being accessed by other parties. We keep your information as safe as possible.

Selective Usage

Believe us that we don’t have any intention to share your information with any third parties. It’s obtained for use on this site only and kept private so no one else can view it.

The personal information you supply us with, will never be used by us in any other circumstance than analyzing the content to optimize your visit. We won’t enter the information on any other platform or use it for marketing purposes unless given permission by you.

What Are Your Rights

Because we value your patronage, we abide by privacy regulations. That’s why you have the option of whether you want to share certain information with us.

Realize that your usage of the site will be influenced if you decide to no longer share this detail with us. However, if you prefer you can disable cookies so none of your personal information can be tracked after visiting this site.

This is not an automatic feature, as you need to activate it personally. You simply need to turn off the function by changing your web browser settings.

Republishing Policy

We pride ourselves in developing original content. However, we have no control over what other web users do with our content. We can’t be held responsible for republishing of our blogs, data or other content.

While you’re welcome to reference our website, we request that you ask permission if ever you want to republish any content you find here.Let’s help each other build a plagiarism-free online community.

Last Words

We’re aware of how fast the online world changes. We do our best to keep up with developments. This benefits both you and us, so we can keep giving you the best experience possible.

This means our policies may change at any given time, to incorporate market changes or enhanced products that become available. We invite you to visit this page in future again, to stay informed about our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for visiting our page. We hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.

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