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A Word on Our Information

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A Word on Availability

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A Word on Liability

We only want the best for our visitors. That’s why we outline how best to use the information on this site. However, we’re not liable for how the information is used by others.

We don’t promote ourselves as professionals on any subject. Therefore any advice given via our content—or users’ comments posted—should not be taken as expert opinions. We can’t guarantee any outcomes if you should follow someone’s advice. Consequently we can’t be held responsible if losses, damages or injuries come as a result of using the information provide on this platform.

While we do our utmost to regulate visitors’ comments (please see below), we can’t be held responsible for users’ posted information.

Want to Comment?

We welcome our community’s participation in our website. You may find opportunities to comment and share your thoughts on a topic we discuss. But we ask all users to adhere to our guidelines:

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We accept that any visitor that uses or reads any part of this website, has viewed the terms and policies stipulated on the page. We accept that all visitors to our site are aware of these guidelines and agree to them in turn. We therefore have the right to edit and change comments that don’t align with these guidelines. We also reserve the right to delete comments entirely if they’re not in line with our expectations mentioned above.

Thank you for helping us build a safe online community.

Respect Our Original Content

We go to great lengths to ensure the content you view is original. We claim this as our intellectual property. In terms of copyright laws, no one else has the right to use, copy or reproduce the content unless permission is granted by the website owner.

If you do need content for personal use, you’re welcome to contact us.

Last Thoughts

To protect both ourselves and our visitors, we stay on top of changes that occur in technology and the online community in general. Developments may require these Terms of Use to change at any time. Please visit the page in future again to ensure you understand our values. That’s how we build a dynamic online community.

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