10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India to Improve Your Dental Health

best toothpaste in India

Do you need drastic improvements in terms of dental hygiene? For the long term effects, it’s worth buying the best products on the market. You don’t want to face painful tooth ache, right?

This list makes your search for the most effective toothpaste shorter. These 10 are the best in the field and you can find it at local stores.


VICCO VAJRADANTI is the oldest toothpaste in India. You may think the formula is outdated and ineffective compared to newer ones. However most people in India still trust the formula today.

The toothpaste consists of natural elements which have been used for oral hygiene for generations:

  • Herbs
  • Bark
  • Flowers

The ingredients that combat diseases and strengthen gums are:

  • Babul
  • Vakil
  • Lavang
  • Manista
  • Amla
  • Vajradanti
  • Maifal

If the VICCO VAJRADANTI is the first toothpaste you see in India, then buy it. Its legacy is proof that it works.

Amway Glister

Amway Glister is a fine product of an international home care group. The toothpaste is proven to fight against tooth decay, cavities and prevents plaque build up.

Sylodent is the ingredient that keeps your teeth clean. It’s found in many other types of toothpastes because it’s popular for its cleaning property and fighting ability.

This toothpaste is seen all over the world so you know you’re buying one of the best.

Dabur Babool

Dabur Babool is a toothpaste formulated by the ancient Indians’ knowledge of herbal medicine.

Many citizens believe in this knowledge which is why you’d probably see this toothpaste in many homes.

This toothpaste subtly makes you experience how ancient Indians used to brush their teeth. They used salt, been and babool sticks.

The babool tree is the primary ingredient. It provides good oral health and it’s known to prevent gum swelling & bleeding.


Pepsodent is manufactured by India’s Unilever factory. Unilever is an international brand and the maker of many home & personal care products.

Unilever continuously researches all matters relating to oral health. When necessary it adjusts ingredients to provide the best oral fighting properties.

Pepsodent provides protection for strong teeth enamel and healthy gums.

If you want to maintain your white teeth you can. There is a small portion of salt in the formula. Salt is a natural ingredient with great teeth whitening properties.

Himalaya Dental Cream

The company—Himalaya—specializes in the field of medicine. This is why they’re one of the leading Indian manufacturers of dental creams.

This dental cream has an Ayurvedic formulation and is made of herbal entities such as:

  • Pomegranate
  • Clove
  • Neem

The herbal entities work together to prevent gum bleeding. Your teeth aren’t only healthy but your overall oral health improves too. This is how you get that fresh breath you want.


You’ve seen this toothpaste at your local drug store or supermarket. You know that Oral-B is a well trusted brand across the globe.

The unique feature is that Oral-B contains stannous fluoride complex. This important ingredient fights against tooth decay.

There are multiple Oral-B toothpastesin India. They range from the original toothpaste to ones that have a phenomenal whitening formula.

Once certainty about all Oral-B toothpastes is they provide the best all round teeth protection and fresh breath.


Imagine visiting a new country and can’t taste its delicious desserts because you have sensitive teeth. Tasting food of any culture is an exciting and educational experience so you can’t let sensitive teeth stop you.

Sensodyne is specifically formulated to tackle hypersensitivity. You can now taste all the delicious Indian treats when you use Sensodyne.

There are three types of Sensodyne toothpastes you’ll find in India which tackle different teeth problems:

  • Repair and protect
  • Fresh gel
  • Rapid relief


Another great toothpaste Dabur produces is MESWAK. It’s said to be the total oral care solution providing health for your teeth and gums.

The main ingredient found in this toothpaste is Meswak. The Meswak plant extract has one great property that most citizens appreciate: Reducing bad breath.

But it works for everything. If you want white teeth then also consider this. It’s an all in one solution.


Here’s another popular toothpaste that has worldwide recognition. In 2017 CLOSE-UP was ranked the topmost toothpaste brand.

Close-Up is also a product of Unilever. Hearing this, you already can trust it to be ultra effective because Unilever is one of the best brands in oral health care.

There are different types of CLOSE-UP toothpastes that all have slightly different ingredients. This way you can tackle various healthcare problems.

At the end of the day the product aims to:

  • Protect cavities
  • Whiten teeth
  • Maintain fresh breath


This is a brand you know, right? It’s one of the leading oral healthcare brands and reclaimed this title for 2018.

Colgate manufactures many toothpastes ranging from the original formula, ones for maintaining fresh breath and finally keeping teeth white.

If you want to stick with what you know, this is what you pick.

You have a whole range of products to pick from. But you can see each has a special feature. Do you want something natural, or one using the latest features? You too can have the bright smile you see on marketing material.


India is a country that is rich in culture and it may be very different to yours. It’s an exciting place to visit. And it has unique products.

This article takes a look at the top 10 toothpastes that Indians love. These toothpastes have proven to provide the best oral care.

The list has a mix of toothpastes Indian companies make. Some toothpastes are unique because the ingredients are adopted from ancient Indian culture. The list also features internationally accredited brands.

Details on their ingredients, products and purposes are provided to help you pick the right one for you.

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