Top 10 Must Buy VR Headsets In India

best VR headset in India
The best VR headsets in India are comprised of great features, a nice price and major comfort. This and many other features are why VR continues to be a growing technology worldwide. There is still a lot of room to grow, so improvements on the software side will enhance past, present and future generations of VR headsets. Below is a list of the best headsets you can purchase in India, each with their own individual pros and cons.

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is an Oculus powered headset that comes with its own unique controller. Out of the many headsets on the list, Samsung has the most stylish look. It is the best-looking product by a large margin, and is in no way weak when it comes to hardware.


  • Best looking product on the list
  • Powered by award winning Oculus technology
  • Simple controller that sits comfortably in the hand
  • Batteries are included and last a long time
  • Easy setup with tutorials that are not overcomplicated


  • Only compatible with high end Samsung devices

Domo Vr3 Vr Fold 3D Video Headset

The Domo Vr3 won’t win any beauty contests, but it makes up for it with high compatibility and a good price. Support for this device keeps growing, so users with out of market phones should consider this a must have VR headset. The inspiration for the Domo Vr3 comes from the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. It takes queues from the hardware of the Oculus while borrowing the comfort themes of the Samsung product.


  • Price is fantastic
  • Hardware is comparable to the best in the industry
  • Low weight
  • Easy setup for first time users


  • Not really good looking for a VR headset

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

There is no discussion about the best VR headset on the market without mentioning the Oculus Go. It takes all of the powerful features of the previous model and compacts it into a smaller, modern and better featured product. This is one of the best VR headsets in the world and has the software to back it up.


  • 32GB onboard memory
  • The most comfortable and lightweight headset on the list
  • Spatial Audio is top notch
  • Support for the best VR software apps on the market
  • Arguably the most compatible headset on the list


  • A bit pricey if you just want simple VR

Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0, 4th Generation

One of the more underappreciated VR headsets in the industry is the Adofys VR Shinecon. It pieces together many of the improvements of past iterations and makes it perfect in the 4th generation. That includes better sound, comfort, and lower weight. The small quality of life features in the 4th generation makes it a worthy upgrade for owners of older VR headsets. Good compatibility with popular phones should keep even the most curious user busy for years.


  • 720-degree surround sound headphones
  • Relaxed fit when worn
  • PMMA HD aspheric lenses
  • High durability when worn during active sessions


  • Buttons are in odd places on the headset


There is no denying the power and style of the HTC Vive. Regarded by many as the best all around VR headset, it continues to innovate in key areas. Hundreds of games and apps support HTC Vive, with a lot of them taking full advantage of the headset’s features. Quality of life upgrades provides eye relief for longer play times.


  • Low minimum requirements
  • Wireless controllers with great range
  • World class head tracking
  • Access to the Viveport app store
  • 1080×1200 resolution per eye
  • Comes with a lot of hardware and software in the box


  • Price is on the high end

ANT VR Headset (Black)

When looking at the other choices for VR headsets, the ANT model can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. This capable product is known for its compatibility with the Lenovo K4 Note TheaterMax technology. When synced up, it provides a breathtaking widescreen experience. Phone size support is expansive, and it can handle up to a six-inch screen.


  • Simple design
  • Distortion-free aspherical lenses
  • Holds smartphones tight enough so that they don’t fall out
  • Headset can be worn over glasses
  • Can fold into a smaller compact size for carrying


  • Requires Lenovo software to take full advantage of its best features

AuraVR Pro Fully Adjustable VR Glasses Headset

Build quality is the first thing you’ll notice when touching the AuraVR Pro. The plastic is sturdy, but light. AuraVR can be used with smartphones ranging in size from 3.5-6 inches. The support for smaller sizes is welcome, and should raise its compatibility rate with different models of smartphones. Distance between the lenses and the screen is adjustable so that eye strain is kept to a minimum. Paired with quality controllers, this is a nice VR package for users of all levels.


  • High compatibility
  • Three-way head strap with comfortable cushion
  • PMMA optical resin lenses
  • Detachable front lid for protection of the headset when not in use


  • More complicated setup than other products

Ocular Grand Fully Adjustable VR Headset

Comfort is the priority feature that the Ocular Grand was built upon. It can be worn for hours without causing fatigue in the head, neck or eyes. Ventilation holes are placed in the correct areas to keep perspiration at a minimum. On the hardware side, the Ocular grand has high compatibility with generic and brand name smartphones. For the price, this product provides a very good 3d experience.


  • High comfort from top to bottom
  • Compatibility is higher than average
  • Designed with flexibility for better head size support
  • Has equal support for iOS, Android and Windows phones


  • More features would have made it perfect

Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

Good headphones and a great inhouse software team makes the Procus Pro a great VR headset. Their horror game Isolated has high scores and shows that the company knows how to develop good software. Built in touch buttons streamline the experience so that you don’t need external Bluetooth devices. The Procus Pro has hundreds of positive reviews and is an impressive technical feat for what it offers.


  • Inbuilt touch buttons have great placement
  • Modern design with an easy setup
  • One of the best headphones on a VR headset
  • Full 100-120 degree FOV


  • Support for screens larger than 6 inches is low

Irusu MINI 3D VR Headset

Last on the list is the Irusu Mini 3D, a headset that comes with its own Bluetooth remote. The star of this package is the remote, which looks like an upgraded version of the PlayStation Move remote. This package provides a very immersive experience thanks to the 42mm diameter HD optical lenses. Irusu provides its own app called the Irusu VR Zone that houses several top-rated VR programs.


  • Handles phones up to 6.4 inches in size
  • Better FOV than leading VR headsets
  • Weighs only 242 grams
  • Works well with the Google Cardboard app


  • Remote has ongoing issues with iOS 11

Best Features

Comfort, compatibility and software are the three most important features of a VR headset. You want comfort so that long sessions of wearing it doesn’t irritate your skin. Compatibility keeps you from having to change your equipment when you decide on a VR headset. No one wants to switch out their smartphone or computer just to use a VR headset. Software is the final icing on the cake and has to do with products that have their own ecosystem of apps. This gives you access to apps that are only available for the specific VR headset you purchased. Even if it is a small program, having inhouse software developers proves that the company will support the product for years.

What To Look For

Everyone will have specific things that they want out of a VR headset. But there are a few features that you should pay close attention to, regardless of your needs. Comfort should always be a priority when getting a headset. If you are going to wear it for more than an hour a day, then comfort will play a big part in your enjoyment. No matter how grand the other features are, if it is uncomfortable, then the headset is wasted money. The other thing to look for is battery life and how fast the headset charges. A bad battery will prevent you from fully enjoying the product when it is needed the most. Prioritize comfort and battery whenever shopping for a VR headset.

Does Brand Matter?

This is a loaded question that a lot of consumers can never get a straight answer on. Brand is not important if the quality is up to the industry standard. Brand is not important if you want the latest features, since many smaller companies are known to innovate. But brand is important if you already own several products from the same company. A good example of this is if you have a Samsung mobile phone and Samsung laptop. At that point, it makes more since to get the Samsung Gear instead of a competing product. When are already invested in a brand, it makes sense to continue to go all in. The only exception is when you find a superior VR headset from a competitor.

Games That Support VR

There are plenty of apps that support VR already. The real thrill in the industry is how many games are starting to support VR from the start. Steam already has VR tags in place with games supporting it in several categories. Popular older titles that received a VR makeover include Bethesda’s Skyrim and Capcom’s Resident Evil series. Both made a large number of sales despite being rehashes of older games. This shows the power of VR and how it is the future of visual media.

Apps Compatibility

Sometimes you will run into a situation where an app is not compatible with your headset. There is no way around this unless the developers on either side produce a fix. It isn’t odd to go the lifetime of the device without an app being updated to work for your system. This is the norm for modern technology when the industry is fragmented. As a result, buyers should be aware of which apps are compatible before purchasing a VR headset. If an app is incompatible, contact support to see if there is a timeline on updating the app. Sometimes developers aren’t aware that there are problems with third party VR apps.

Does Price Matter?

No, price should be your lowest priority when buying a VR headset. There are a lot of features that you will miss if you decide to go the cheap route. Don’t let a high price scare you away from what could be a great product. The only time price should be a factor is when a competitor offers similar features for cheaper. It makes more sense to go with the product that will give you the same experience at a better price.

Wrap Up

Any of the choices on the list should give you a great experience. VR headsets have come a long way in the industry, and have years’ worth of entertainment to offer. Take the time to learn how they operate and you won’t be disappointed with the result.