Top 10 Watch Brands to Buy in India

Top 10 Watch Brands in India

A watch is one fashion accessory that’s timeless. No matter where you are in the world watches are a shared fashion trend.

India is also a part of the world where people love to wear watches. Because of this popularity, there’s no doubt you’ll see one of these brands on the arms of its people.


Starting the list is Fossil, a famous American watch brand that many Indian people wear. Fossil offers a variety of styles and features that meet the needs of the market.

Some of the watches incorporate the latest technologies many people seek. There is a collection of Smartwatches that shows your Smartphone’s notifications and tracks your movement.

Isn’t it time you upgrade your watch too?


Omega stayed true to one of its philosophies and continues to offer watches with innovative designs& exceptional technology. One technology the people appreciate is how functional it is even at zero gravity.

All of Omega’s watches have premium looks. Their construction is of the finest quality that gives them the reliability and durability the market wants.

Besides their construction, style and technology there is one huge influencer that makes people want this watch. James Bond. The famous movie character wears Omega often throughout the franchise’s films. Many people enjoy the character and therefore want to be fashionable as he is.

Are you one of his fans?


Swatch is one of the leading watch manufacturers worldwide. It doesn’t come as a surprise that you’ll see this brand worn by many people in India too.

For years Swatch has continued to offer watches that are greatly appraised in the Indian market. There is one top reason why many love this brand. Swatch offers all of its watches an affordable prices.

So everyone can enjoy the beauty of these watches no matter their social status.


It’s not only Citizen’s wall quartz clocks that are in many homes but its wristwatches are worn by many too. There’s one feature of these watches that makes thempopular buys. It’s the innovative technologies embedded into them.

The famous Eco-Drive satellite f100 has the feature of showing the satellite time—within 3 seconds—no matter where you are in the world.


Casio caters to both men and women, but there is a focus on men’s watches. Its watches have unique designs that meet the fashion needs of the market.

Casio also includes the latest technologies in all watches. Sometimes the company takes it a step further and embeds technology rarely seen by other branded watches. One example is the popular G-shock watchthat has Bluetooth which enables you to connect it to your Smartphone.


Maxima also designs watches for both men and women. There is even a collection for children too.

The brand offers a great selection of formal and casual watches to suit any occasion.

What makes this brand popular to wear in India is its couple collection. Those in relationships can wear matching watches. This is popular trend you’ll see all over India.

The prices cater to various price ranges, making it possible for anyone to wear a Maxima watch.


Timex is the most preferred digital watch in the Indian market. Not many produce these types of watches which is why Timex is within the top 10.

Two cultures inspire the designs of these watches:

  • Germany for its radical engineering.
  • Italy for its high end

Timex is fashionable and has great technology such as:

  • Night light
  • Chronographs
  • Fly back movements

Will the look or the features impress you?


India’s youth is likely to sport this watch. It’s a sub brand of the famous watch company Titan.

Fastrack designs its watches according to the needs and wants of the youth. It’s a brand that keeps up with fashion trends to guarantee the younger generation will prefer its products.

The watch collection also suits the lifestyle of the youth. Not everyone can afford expensive watches. Fastrack offers its high end watches within an affordable price range for this target group.


Titan is another watch brand company that focuses on the needs of the people, making it one of the best picks.

Many Indian celebrities are brand ambassadors of Titan. Most people in India aspire to be like these celebrities and attempt to follow their lifestyle trends.

This is a smart move by Titan because it boosts the number of people who buy the brand.


Sonata has been the most famous brand in the Indian market. For generations this watch has been worn by many.

Sonata’s watches are extremely elegant, but there are different collections to suit the needs of the different generations found in the market.

The watches have classic looks making it easy to find something that fits your outfit and the occasion.

The most famous collection of this brand is the Super Fibre Watch. The waterproof feature and durable case make for a perfect everyday watch.

With so many great brands that have their own individual styles and technology, you can find aligns with your preferences. These brands have proven their worth in the Indian market. Which one will you pick?


As you know watches have been around for years and it continues to be a fashionable item to wear. They send powerful messages of style and elegance.

The Indian market is no stranger to stylish watches. The people have embraced the world’s leading watch brands.

There are 10 brands that are popular to wear by the Indian market. These brands share one characteristic. They’re the top leading brands in the industry and aim to make the best watches for the people.

These brands understand that there are different social classes in India. They want everyone to enjoy wearing their watches. This is why they offer affordable ranges for everyone to have a chance to wear a stylish watch.

Here, descriptions of each brand lay out the specifics about the reasons for their popularity. You can browse the list and find one you want to wear in future.

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