5 Herbs You Should Not Cook

Herbs You Should Not Cook

Herbs provide an intense and spicy aroma. But only if they are prepared correctly. You better not cook these five.

Fresh herbs are an eye-catcher on every plate and ensure an intense aroma. However, the latter only works if the herbs are processed correctly. There are some herbs that can be cooked with ease or tolerate warm temperatures. Other herbs, on the other hand, should be added at the end of the cooking time or even not cooked at all. We’ll tell you five herbs that you should better add to your dishes shortly before serving.


Anyone who likes to cook Italian cannot avoid using basil in many dishes. The green leaves can be found on pizza, pasta or in sauces and basil also forms the basis for green pesto. One mistake you shouldn’t make when cooking with the leaves is to use them right from the start. Because basil loses its aroma through cooking, so it is better if you only add it at the end.


We prefer to use dill to give salads, salmon and other fish a fresh aroma. And the green herbs also taste very good in cream cheese or scrambled eggs. However, we can only benefit from its full taste if it is not cooked with it. Therefore, it is best to only pour dill over the food at the end – this keeps it fresh and aromatic.


Coriander is valued for its strong aroma when cooking and is known to us mainly from Thai and Indian cuisine. Coriander is also used to give everyday dishes a special spicy note – provided that it is not cooked with, but only sprinkled over it just before eating.


Rosemary is mainly used in Mediterranean recipes and is very popular due to its spicy, bitter taste. However, the aroma of the needles can quickly become bitter if they are heated for longer. It is, therefore, better not to boil rosemary until the end when the temperature is already down.


The mild, onion-like taste of chives goes well with salads, herb butter, soups, scrambled eggs, omelettes, as well as with Marianden or, quite traditionally, on a sandwich. What you shouldn’t do with chives is to heat it. Because they can’t take it. It is best to put freshly chopped chives over the food and enjoy the spicy aroma.