Which of the 6 Best Indian Mobile Brands Will Work for You?

Best Indian Mobile Brands

First world countries aren’t the only places that manufacture mobile brands. India is also one of the largest distributors in this industry. And now there are six superior mobile brands that are taking the Indian—and some international—markets by storm.

How do these brands provide the best features for their customers? Read the descriptions of each brand here. Maybe it’s time you give one of them a try.

Micromax Mobile

Micromax is a telecommunications and consumer electronics company situated in Gurugram in Haryana.

Micromax mobile is India’s largest mobile headset company. It’s so large there are offices in Hong Kong and Dubai for the company to branch out internationally.

This company never stops evolving as a mobile manufacturer. The latest mobile to hit the Indian market is the Micromax Canvas spark 4G phone. This mobile phone also has the same sleek and thin design as other sophisticated phones do.

The key features of this phone are:

  • 3 GHz quad core processor
  • 1GBRAM
  • Dual 4G sim cards
  • Android software
  • Powered by a 2000mAh battery

It’s also equipped with the features every Smartphone must have:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 4G
  • Camera

The Canvass 4G phone is easy to operate. It’s also made with some of the best materials for durability. Is this what your next upgrade should be?

I-Ball Mobile

I-Ball has one of the best mobile technologies in India. They mostly specialize in the development of:

  • Computer peripherals
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

I-Ball mostly focuses its budget on Android Smartphones and tablets.

This company is the proud manufacturer of the Andi Smartphone. This is another Smartphone powered by Android. It’s completely user friendly and you have access to Google Play to download any apps you want.

Top features of this mobile Smartphone include:

  • 3GHz operating quad core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Memory card slot
  • Powered by Android

This Smartphone is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and dual sim cards.

The high resolution screen lets you see the internal GPS map clearly. You know when you need to turn and which roads to follow. This is the type of features that make life easier and that’s what you want from a Smartphone, right?

Karbonn Mobile

This Indian Mobile brand is based in Bangalore and Noida. Karbonn Mobile is the leading semiconductor company and one of the best Smartphone brands.

One interesting fact about Karbonn is it’s one of three mobile manufacturers to bring Google’s Android One Initiative to India.

The company’s latest Smartphone is the Aura Power 4G. The basics of the Smartphone include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Radio FM app
  • 3G and 4G signal processor

The Smartphone lasts long on a single charge because of the 4000mAh battery. The battery is fully rechargeable within two hours.

There is a front and rear 5MP camera. You can take as many pictures and videos as you like because the Aura Power 4G Smartphone has 16GB storage. Carry all your memories with you!

Spice Telecom

Spice Telecom is a mobile service provider but has also launched its own range of phones. The company is situated in Mohali and predominately offers a range of GSM & dual sim mobiles phones at a lower price.

There is an extensive mobile range each with individual unique features:

  • Camera megapixels ranging from three to eight
  • 1000- 1750 mAh batteries
  • 8-16 GB internal storage.

Is this what you want? Shopping for a Spice Telecom Mobile phone is easy because it can be found in any distributor in India.

Lava Mobile

Lava mobile is one of the fastest growing Smartphone manufacturers in India. The XOLO X900 is the first Android Smartphone to be powered by an Intel Atom processor. This is an ultra low voltage microprocessor by Intel Corporation.

The XOLO X900 runs fast no matter how many apps you have open. Normally when you’re on your phone for a long time it starts to overheat which can threaten the quality of your battery. This rarely happens with this Intel microprocessor.

Because no other company has done this, Lava Mobile has put themselves in a new technological league that is hard to beat.

The technical specifications of this mobile phone include:

  • 01’’ touchscreen display
  • 16 GB internal storage which can be expanded to 32 GB with a microSD card
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 3MP front camera
  • 460mAH removable battery

There are also multiple sensors built onto the phone which include:

  • Compass magnetometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Gyroscope

And of course the phone is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth NFC, FM and 3G.

It’s astonishing to know that a Smartphone brand that is fairly new has everything you need. Maybe this is why it’s one of the popular ones in India.

Intex Technologies

Intex Technologies is a consumer electronics and Smartphone manufacturer in New Delhi. The latest Smartphone from this company features Android 6.0 Marshmallow. No other Smartphone in India has this version yet.

This shows Intex Technologies wants to stay on top of all technological trends.

These are the top Indian Mobile brands. Can you see why many people are buying these phones? If you visit India and need a Smartphone, trust in any of these to give you what you need. You’ll love your new gadget.


Sometimes we don’t realize there are other places besides America or China that makes Smartphones. India is becoming a top manufacturer in this market.

There are at least six top brands that are leading the Indian mobile industry. Collectively they have manufactured over 100 mobile and Smartphones. These companies follow the latest trends to ensure their products are just as good as leading international brands. And here we discuss each one of them.

You’ll soon discover why these brands are making it big in India. But which one will you pick? This list makes it easier by mentioning their latest inventions. If it’s in line with what you need, you know you’ve found your new upgrade.

Some of these companies are younger compared to international mobile brands. For them to boom rapidly is another indication that their mobiles cater to the markets’ needs.

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