Beginners Guide to Paper Quilling Earrings


There is no doubt that jewelry is the best accessory for any lady. Do you agree? It showcases one’s personality and style even without a formal introduction.

When you make your own jewelry you can customize it to your exact style. You don’t have to compromise and settle for something you wish could be better.

Have you considered paper quilling earrings? Not sure what it is? It’s the art of taking paper strips and rolling them into coils & scrolls.

It’s a fun activity that you and your friends can do. Whose design will be the best?

You may think it’s difficult to make jewelry. It’s not. And we made it easy for you to learn. Here is a step by step guide that teaches you how to make paper quilled earrings.

What You Need

You only need the following materials before you can begin making the jewelry:

Sheets or Colored Paper or Quilling Strips

If you’re pressed for time you can opt for the strips. They are pre-cut in equal lengths and they have the right texture for you to roll.

Finding these types of paper is easy. They should be available in any local stationary store.

Earlobe Hooks

You can probably guess you must get the hooks that fit into your ears. These generally come in standard sizes and are available commonly in silver or gold.

You’ll find these hooks at any jewelry shop too. Remember to buy an equal amount because you’ll be making a pair and not just one earring for one ear.


Other items you may need are:

  • Pliers
  • Jump ring

What to Do

The beauty of using paper is that is can be manipulated in any way you want which gives you more design options.

If you’re new then simple video tutorials can help you to make all the quilled designs you want. But here’s an even easier way. Simply follow our steps below.

Step 1: Making the Center

Remember you must do these steps twice because you’re making two identical earrings.

You’ll be working with two colors only. First take one color of the two strips and make two circles. The circles must be small and equal in size. Stick down the ends with small thin see through tape.

Step 2: The Petals

Take the same color strip you have for the center. Take six of these strips and make circles again. This time the circles must be almost half the size of the main one.

Once it’s dry, take the second color strip and wrap that around the pre-made circles.

The six circles will now be two toned.

Each earring will have six petals so once you’re done, you must have 12 small circles.

Now after all the circles have been made you must shape them to resemble petals. Simple press one edge of the circle to create the shape of a tear drop. Press tightly in order for the petal look to be distinct.

Step 3: Creating the Entire Flower Earring

Now that you have the inner circles and 12 petals you’re ready to make the flower shape.

Take once circle and glue the six petals around it. The rounder part of the petal must be glued to the inner circle. The pointed side must face outward.

For a neater look add a thin glue layer so it’s more discrete. If you want you can pick lighter colors for the flower so it doesn’t contrast the white glue drastically.

Repeat this step to create the second earring.

Step 4: Creating the Final Earring Look

Once the glue of the flowers is dried you can now finally convert them into an actual earring.

Attach the jump ring to any one of the petals. Then insert the ear lobe ring into the same jump ring. Take the pliers and tighten the opening of the jump ring.

If you wish to make the earring slightly longer you can. Simply purchase a miniature chain. The chain will be attached to the jump ring and then the earlobe loop. It now creates a distance between the two.

Step 5: Making the Earring Waterproof

The downside to having paper earrings is they can be damaged quickly by water. If you want your earrings to last almost forever it’s best that you add a waterproof coating to it.

You can paint over any sides of the jewelry with these types of polish:

  • Clear nail polish
  • Chrystal coat glaze

Alternatively you can use non toxic varnish if you wish to sell your jewelry. It makes them almost water resistant.

This method may be costly however it also keeps the look of the earring new. The sun won’t cause the color to fade or the adhesive to wear thin. If you can’t afford this option the other two still does a remarkable job of protecting the earrings from water.

You can be the next best jewelry designer with your fantastic quilled paper earrings. The design options are limitless. After designing your own earrings everyone will stare at you and wish they had your sense of style.


Some DIY projects can be difficult especially when you’re attempting them for the first time. But now it’s safe to say that jewelry making isn’t one of them.

Paper quilled earrings are the simplest DIY jewelry you can ever make. It requires the least amount of materials and time.

The only time you may consume is learning the techniques to quill the paper. But once you’ve learned you’ll be able to do it in no time.

This article lays out step by step tips to make the simplest paper quilled earring design in the form of a flower. You only need 28 strips of paper divided into two colors (for one earring) and parts to make the earrings.

Learn how to make these earrings within four easy steps and you can do all of it in 30 minutes. Ready to start?