Top 10 IT Companies in India You can Trust

Top 10 IT Companies in India You can Trust

You don’t want to waste time when it comes to IT, right?

If it’s for personal use, your gaming may stop while you get someone to help. And if it’s your business’ IT, you may lose revenue if your system is down. And of course there’s the eternal threat of cyber crime.

We live in an interesting time. Computers, the internet and IT connects us with the world and enables us to do so much more. But we need to be vigilant.

That’s why we compiled a list of the 10 best IT companies in India. Now you know who to put on speed dial so you’re ready if anything goes wrong.

Starting with the best in the business, let’s go.


It seems this company succeeds in rising to the top every time. Perhaps it’s their wide range of involvement and expertise.

Tata Consulting Services is present in 29 countries. This growth shows they know how to keep clients happy. And if you’re in India you’ll benefit from their excellent technicians who are trained in Kerala. Here 50 000 graduates have learnt what’s necessary to keep IT systems running.

Of course, quality is paramount. This is a guaranteed since TCS has Six Sigma proficiency. What more can you ask for?


Another company that’s so impressive it has international ties, is Infosys. This group operates in 50 countries and even has a training facility in China.

And what better proof do you need than Forbes? It listed Infosys as one of the most innovative brands to follow. Their products can make your company more efficient. One example is MANA where machine learning becomes a reality, all to help you.

Trust one of their 200 000 well trained technicians to help you when you’re at a loss.


When the big industries trust a brand, you know you can too.

Wipro succeeds in getting right what you and I struggle with daily:

  • Cloud management
  • Integration of data
  • Digital services

These also play a role for banks and transportation companies. They have to trust the best. And they trust Wipro. Over almost four decades it built up enough experience to offer quality service. A focus of Wipro is helping businesses achieve goals with the help of their services.

Does your company need a new approach to IT?

HCL Technologies

Another business you can trust your company with is HCL Technologies. They’ll help you with cloud computing and if you need a process better managed, it makes sense to outsource to them.

With activities in 25 countries across the globe, it’s no wonder companies such as HP and Deutsche Bank partnered with them. Their services even benefit the military and healthcare where speed & efficacy arevital.

Tech Mahindra

It’s not only about technology, right? You also want excellent customer service.

That’s when you trust Tech Mahindra who makes customer experience one of its focus areas.

Once again Forbes thinks highly of this IT company, even mentioning it as one of the best in Asia in 2016. It’s also encouraging to see this huge brand does a lot of work in terms of health and education through one of its foundations.

L&T Infotech

It’s named after Larson & Toubro, as one of its subsidiaries. And since its creation in 1997, it has grown fast. This is thanks to their vision of always being the best. They keep an eye on developments in the market so they can provide clients with current solutions.

And they don’t forget to give back, as corporate responsibility is also a prime value.

Oracle Financial Services

You know a company is excellent in its field if its products are used widely. And Oracle Financial Services provide many products to the market. This includes:

  • Applications for customer insight
  • Suites for banking
  • Risk management products

This is why they’re respected enough to function in 145 countries. If you’re part of an insurance company, it’s wise to partner with them, as this is one of their focus areas.


This company looks after its clients and its employees.

It prides itself in offering learning opportunities for employees and ensuring their health & safety. At the same time they look after the environment, always looking for sustainable solutions. And as a customer you’ll benefit from their applications and products focused on infrastructure management & analytics.

This is an all round winner to check out.


Here is another company who soared because of happy clients. It’s all about customization, so you get exactly what you need.

They serve homes, but also large clients in industries such as healthcare and the media. If it can handle that pressure, they’ll be able to help you too.

It has won awards and already has connections with Europe and Australia, even though it was only started in 2000. What will they achieve next?

Rolta India

Rolta India has been around since 1989. Its experience makes it one of the best in the business today. You’ll benefit from the focus of sourcing the right employees and managing a job well from start to finish.

What do you want them to help with today?

You can see these companies are involved with huge businesses. You can be assured your IT challenges will be handled quickly and efficiently if you trust one of these experts. Which one will you pick?


Don’t waste time. When your next IT disaster strikes, you must be ready. Who will you trust to get you back online or handle that virus?

We did the ground work so you don’t have to waste time. This list helps you pick one of the 10 best IT companies in India to partner with. It’s essential you get expert assistance, because you don’t want to worsen the problem, right? These experts know just what to do.

And perhaps it’s smart to build relationship with one of them even before something goes wrong. They can help set up your cyber security so you’re not at the mercy of hackers anymore. Don’t regret tomorrow that you didn’t take action today.

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