The Best Beers in India You Must Taste

Best Beers in India

Are you a lover of beers? Here’s a list of all the beers you should buy on your next trip.

Part of India’s beer market is probably the same as the one in your country. It’s large and there is a beer that definitely suits your palate.

So let’s help you feel at home in India by finding you’re the perfect one on this market.

This list below is divided into two categories. The first takes a look all the fine quality beers India offers. What’s unique about these beers is they are produced by India. You can get a glimpse of the Indian community’s preferences.

The second category is perfect for those who are visiting India on a budget. Yes, you can have an ideal taste adventure, even on a budget. And don’t worry; these beers taste just as good as those in the more stylish class.

Which ones will you try during your next visit?

India’s Best Locally Produced Beers


Did you know Kingfisher is produced in India? It’s India’s most recognized and internationally available beer.

If you try the beer for the first time in India and you love it you most probably will find it in your local supermarket. This is great because you can enjoy a “piece” of India after your trip.

There are three variations:

  • Kingfisher Strong which has 8% alcohol
  • Kingfisher Premium with 4.8% alcohol
  • Kingfisher Blue with 8% alcohol

Kingfisher Blue is perfect for young and trendy people. It’s a strong beer but it has more of a watery taste.

Do you want a beer that goes down well? Well Kingfisher does when it quenches your thirst. There is no harsh after taste. Is this the one you’ll taste first?


This brand is also very popular in the Indian market. Haywards 5000 strong lager contains 7% alcohol. If you prefer not to have such a strong beer, you can opt for the Haywards 2000 mild beer.

If you feel adventurous on your trip why not try the Haywards 5000 BOLD beer? This beer is brewed for 48 hours longer than the other two variations. This makes the beer have a strong authentic taste. Perfect for those who love a full bodied beer.

If the BOLD didn’t live up to your expectations there is another Hayward Beer you can try. The Haywards 10000. It’s described as a rarer super strong beer. But you must go to India to understand why it’s described as this. What a fun time you’ll have.


Another popular beer in the Indian market, Godfather has three varieties:

  • Strong: 7% alcohol content
  • Lager: 5% alcohol content
  • Lite: 4.5% alcohol content

Three varieties so you can find the perfect one for you.

However the three varieties aren’t what make this beer brand great. It’s the brewing process. It’s 25 days long as opposed to the usual 12-15 days. The result of the longer brewing is a beer that is rich and strong.

If you love the bitter taste of beers then the lager and Lite is what you should try.

Knock Out

Does your vacation include visiting Karnataka, Telangana or Maharashtra? Then you’ll definitely see the Knock Out beer because locals love it.

But you need to taste the beer to understand why it’s popular in these three states. Is it the strength, taste or aroma? What will be your reason for loving it too?

Kalyani Black Label

You must try one of India’s oldest lagers. It may be considered a beer for the older generation, but you shouldn’t let this perception stop you from tasting one of the finest beers in India.

People in Eastern India and Delhi love this beer so you’ll see it in the hands of most people in these regions.

Words can’t really describe the taste that makes the beer tasty. It’s better to experience it yourself.

If you love the strong or mild taste of beer there is a variety of both. The alcohol content is 7.8% but don’t expect a bitter after taste because it’s actually sweet. You’ll enjoy this beer from the first to the very last sip.


If you’re not sure where to go then why not visit Goa? It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the word. There you’ll find the Kings beer brand. Goa is the only place that brews and sells it.

The Kings Black Label premium pilsner has a light taste, pale color with a rich smoky aroma.

Its alcohol content is only 4.85% and it’s one of the most affordable beer options in Goa. This may contribute to why it’s so popular.

With a fresh cool beer in your hand while you lie on the beach, can you possibly think of anything more relaxing?

Bira 91

This beer takes a turn from the ordinary which is why it’s becoming popular fast in India. Bira 91 was only introduced in the market in 2015 and is already a household name.

Why is Bira 91 taking the beer market by storm? There are four varieties, so any customer’s palate is provided for:

  • White Ale is essentially a wheat beer that has a slightly bitter taste. Do you like citrus flavors? You’ll find that too.
  • If you love hops you’ll love the Blonde.
  • Lite has low calories for the health conscious consumer and a reduced 4% alcohol level.
  • Strong is awheat beer with 7% alcohol.

India’s Affordable Beers


Foster’s is the most affordable out of the eight. Many say you can order this drink throughout the night and you’ll feel as if you haven’t spent any money.

Foster’s lager and premium ale are available in the market. The differences between the two are:

The lager:

  • Bright golden color
  • Light malt aroma
  • 5% alcohol
  • Pure hops taste

The premium ale:

  • Bright copper color
  • Caramel and fruit aroma
  • 5% alcohol
  • Caramel taste

You can purchase this in either a can or bottle.


This Dutch brewed beer is favored by many Indians. You’ll find this premium lager beer in most places.

What makes this brand special is the way the company sources the best malts and hops for its beer. These give it an almost dry taste. People who love traditional tasting beer will love this one.

Oranjeboom popular premium lager has an alcohol content of only 5%. It’s the perfect beer to sip on when you’re trying to relax.


Tsingtao is a Chinese produced beer that is manufactured in an Anglo German factory. It’s almost as if you get two cultures in one beer.

The company uses mineral spring water as a key ingredient within the brewing process. This gives the beer a distinct taste that no other beer has.

Although the beer is sold in India this doesn’t take away from the traditional ingredients found in other Chinese beers. There is also a type of rice that is part of shared beer ingredients (hops and malt).

This traditional Chinese beer has only 4.7% alcohol.


Most people prefer the Daredevil beer because it has a strong taste. The premium quality beer is found everywhere in India.

The characteristics of the beer that people love the most are:

  • It has a warm and sparkling color
  • It has a distinguishable strong and slightly bitter aroma
  • It has notes of fruity flavors

The beer is made to have a strong taste to accommodate the Indian palate.

One unique bottle design is the easy pull off lid that takes less effort than most bottles to open. When you purchase the beer it’s ready to drink.


Miller has been made available worldwide for over 400 years. The company does its research and makes beers that suit the tastes of many people around the globe.

Many people love the taste of it which is why Miller ensures its beers are easy to find in India too.

The company takes its brewing process seriously and ensures every step is executed to perfection.

There are different ingredients in its products. This transforms the tastes and aromas to something rarely experienced with other brands:

  • When the company adds corn it gives the beer a milder flavor.
  • There are some beers with a spicier flavor and aroma that suit the palates of many people in India


Compared to other beers Tuborg has a slightly weaker taste. The Danish beer brand took a risk and entered the market with confidence that there will be individuals who prefer this taste.

Tuborg only entered the Indian market in 2010. Within its first six months it sold more than a million boxes.

There are three Tuborg beers that are available in India:

  • Tuborg Green
  • Tuborg Strong
  • Tuborg classic with Scotch Malts

Tuborg Green and Strong are available in 330ml & 650ml bottles & 500ml cans. The Classic is also available in these sizes except for the 330ml bottle.


According to many beer drinkers Hoegaarden is the best tasting and affordable beer on the market. The only downside is that it’s not available in most stores or restaurants. So if you want a taste, you may have to search a while. But the wait will be worth it.

The characteristics of this beer that many love include:

  • Creamy light beer with the taste of orange peel, coriander, spices and herbs
  • It’s unfiltered which gives it the cloudy appearance
  • 9% alcohol

The beer is customarily drunk with a slice of lemon to give it a unique sour taste.


Corona is also a great tasting beer that can be drunk with a lemon slice. The Mexican lager is enjoyed by many people in India because the beer highlights the ingredients of PilsMalt and maize exceptionally well.

When you visit India’s many beautiful beaches you’ll see tourists and locals enjoying this beer with its 4.5% alcohol percentage.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a Belgium brewed beer that you have to search long for as it’s not available everywhere. The great taste does make up for its lack of availability.

This beer has the most intensive brewing process with a total of nine stages. Each stage refines the taste further for added quality.

The company has been in the industry for years and discovered the best way consumers should drink the beer. It’s suggested that the beer must be chilled between 3-5°C as these temperatures enhance the taste and aroma.


In India Budweiser has the best price, taste and availability compared to the other affordable beers. These three qualities make Budweiser extremely popular in India.

Budweiser beers only have 5% alcohol.

This American style lager is medium bodied yet very flavorful. It’s brewed with the best ingredients such as barley malt and a blend of exclusive hop varieties. The different ingredients give Budweiser the traditional flavor many love.

As you can see you can get the best beers in India and many of them are more than affordable. When you visit India you can go wild and taste many of these beers, while still keeping to your budget. It’s time for a taste sensation!


India’s has a large beer market. When you visit India there will be a beer that suits your tastes and budget. But finding that perfect beer may be tricky.

That’s why we put together this article to present you with detail on premium made and affordable beers. The article describes these beers and gives descriptions on their:

  • ingredients
  • alcohol content

With these descriptions you can paint a picture of what to expect from them. And if you’re not sure which one you want, many brands have different variations to try. Keep tasting until you find what you love.

And you won’t be missing out on great tasting beers if you buy lower priced beer. They all taste amazing.You’re in for a real treat when you get to India.Make your search and selection process shorter; try these brands first to find your new favorite.

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