The 6 Best Hoverboards in India

Best Hoverboards

Hoverboards are popular gadgets many people have and they’re adding extreme fun to ordinary days. Although the primary demographic is children there are many adults who also enjoy the thrill of it.

If you want to buy one for yourself or a family member be sure to read this article. It lists 6 of the best hoverboards at prices you can afford.

EPIKGOSelf Balancing Scooter

With only Rs40000 you can have the best hoverboard amongst your family and friends. This is the best hoverboard in the Indian market because of the versatility and durability it offers.

It’s not just the body that’s durable but the wheels too. It has a robust design and is made of alloy. At 8.5’’ it has the complete capability to ride over any terrain. The IP56 waterproof rating makes it fun to ride through puddles.

The hoverboard can hold 260lb and the dual 400W motors push you to ride 9mph.

Halo Rover

The advanced feature of this hoverboard is the sensors. The sensors allow you to navigate accurately for a smoother ride.

The wheels are 8.5’’ and are designed to withstand the stressors of any type of terrain.

The Halo Rover is equipped with Bluetooth speakers for you to play music. The mobile app controls these speakers and it also enables you to:

  • Control the speed
  • Monitor the battery life

There are three modes you can activate depending on your hoverboarding skills:

  • Learning mode
  • Normal mode
  • Advanced mode

The operating difficulty gets harder with each mode.

When you ride the Halo Rover for hours the battery may heat up. With other models this may be a concern, however the Fire Safe Protection keeps it from malfunctioning completely.

You only need Rs40000 to have all the fun you want.

Jetson V8

The Jetson V8 has dual 400W motors and two 8.5’’ wheels. It’s one of the strongest and most durable hoverboards. You’ll get adrenaline pumping when you ride over different terrains such as grass, mud and sand.

There is a compatible Bluetooth app which enables you to:

  • Control the speed modes
  • Monitor the battery life

You have maximum control of how you navigate because of the independent gyros and zero degree turns. The hoverboard will respond quickly to your movement allowing you to have quick reaction time.

Do you want to be entertained further while you ride the Jetson? You can play all your music through the Bluetooth speakers with your Smartphone.

You can enjoy this beauty sooner than expected because it costs only Rs35000

Hoverzon Electric Self Balancing Scooter

The Hoverzon is one of the cheapest hoverboards you’ll find. You only need Rs25000, but it offers you some of the features found in higher end hoverboards.

If you’re a beginner this will be the perfect hoverboard to practice on. The hoverboard reaches a speed of 11mph and it features gear stabilization. You have better control of turns making learning easier.

It has LED lights which indicate the battery status only. There are no other LED lights so it’s best you only use this by day.

When the battery is depleted you can recharge it within four hours.

If you want to give a hoverboard to a child as a gift then this one is best because of its simplicity.

Skque Smart Self Balancing Scooter

This hoverboard is an improvement from the brand’s previous model. With only Rs24 000 you can have a top of the range hoverboard.

Firstly the hoverboard is safer to ride because it has a better build quality. The stronger bodyresists any type of external damage better so your board will stay in prime condition for long.

The hoverboard has a powerful 400W motor which allows you to ride 8mph. This is the top speed if the hoverboard holds someone that weighs near 220lb. If you’re lighter than this you can reach a top speed of 12mph.

You can connect your Smartphone to the Bluetooth speakers for added entertainment when you ride. The LED lights make it possible for you to ride at night too.

This is a great hoverboard for a family because everyone will enjoy these features.

Swagtron T6 Off RoadHoverboard

This Rs30000 hoverboard is made for adrenaline junkies. The Swagtron is designed with rough and tubeless tires so you can ride over any type of terrain.

You can do this at a full speed of 12mph. The hoverboard holds a person weighing 418lb and unlike other hoverboards the top speed is maintained no matter the weight.

The hoverboard has its own mobile app so you can play music through the Bluetooth speakers. The app also lets you monitor the battery status.

The hoverboard is made with the best materials that make the price you pay worthwhile. The tires have a good grip on the ground so it won’t slip. It’s also water and dust resistant keeping the motor safe when you ride on different terrains.


Forget about bicycles. Hoverboards are the new best gadgets to ride around and race each other with. These gadgets are also affordable and offer features that make it more fun. Which one will you get to win the race with?


There is a good chance that you have seen someone riding a hoverboard. Whether it was in person or in a picture there is one certainty—the rider looked as if he or she was having fun. Don’t you want the same look on your face?

If you’re looking to buy a hoverboard there are six you can pick from. This article gives details on the features and designs that make them the best in the market.

You also get an estimation of their prices so you can determine which one will be a better fit for your budget. Best of all is everyone in your family will love the new gadget they can play with. Start a new family tradition and get a hoverboard.