10 Best Productivity Apps that Actually Help You Meet Deadlines

Best Productivity Apps

Technology is here to rescue you. Are you the employee that’s always just too late to meet a deadline? Or perhaps you run your own business and lack the necessary discipline to stick to your schedule.

Then this article is for you.

If you have a mobile phone, there’s an easy answer to help you learn a few healthy habits. Productivity apps all have features that help you stay focused, get work done faster and stay on schedule.

Do you want to break your bad habits this year? These apps will help you get it right.


The first step in breaking your habits is getting to the root of the problem. For that you need to track your time.

The Hours app will track what you do throughout the day and provide a report. Now you can see if you spend time on the important things and start prioritizing better.


If social media marketing is part of your responsibilities, you can’t function without manager software anymore.

On Buffer you can create content for future posting. You can schedule your entire week and quickly copy relevant posts to other platforms, because you can access multiple profiles on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • GooglePlus

Don’t stop other tasks simply because it’s time for a social media post. Allocate time every week to plan all your posts and then you can forget about it & focus on other tasks.

The app also allows you to save drafts so others can review them. Now you don’t have to book a meeting just to discuss the week’s posts with your boss. He or she can simply go online, scan your work and approve it if they’re happy.

You just saved yourself a lot of time.

Google Keep

How do you keep track of all you have to do? Did you used to love writing Post-it notes to stick all over your desk?

Now it’s the digital age, so try a more effective method. Google Keep empowers you to type notes and place them on your computer desktop and screen. It’s ideal to write reminders or ideas. The note won’t get thrown away or torn up like the paper versions. It’s there to remind you until you delete it.

Isn’t technology better than outdated methods?


How much time do you waste looking for passwords? Because cyber security is vital, you can’t risk using simple passwords anymore and it’s not wise to use the same one on different platforms.

But this means you have a lot to remember. So let an app do it for you.

LastPass captures and remembers your passwords. It’s a secure program that will help you log in faster by supplying the appropriate password when you enter a certain program. It’s expertly designed to keep your information safe.


You’ve got the information on your Smartphone, but you actually need to work with it on your computer. What’s the easiest way to get it there?

Pushbullet is a syncing app between different devices. Now you won’t lose time sending information to and fro anymore. It basically turns your phone into your laptop and vice versa. You don’t even have to pick up your mobile phone, because you can:

  • Reply to messages from either device
  • View social media
  • Use your Smartphone apps on your laptop

We all know how checking a Whatsapp can lead to playing a game on your phone, especially if you’re tired of staring at the computer screen. Now you can put your phone away and focus on that computer.


Working with other people brings the best out of a project, but it also takes time to gather information from everyone. But not if you use Slack.

It’s a chat app where you can share ideas and documents with the entire team, or pick who you want to discuss it with. Use the chat features to communicate and know all you talked about will be saved on the platform.

Make teamwork easy with Slack.


That stack of papers that you lug around needs to be filed. Or perhaps you need to deliver it to someone, but simply don’t get the time?

Use Scanbot to capture them via your Smartphone and then email or archive them.


Sometime you simply need some inspiration to complete a task. Why not let your app be the one that cheers from the sidelines?

Momentum tracks what you’re busy with and if you deviate from your plan it will remind you of what you’re supposed to do.

Small distractions are one of the biggest reasons we lose momentum and experience low productivity. If you need to learn the habit of doing one thing at a time, Momentum will help you practice until you get it right.


What if an app can help you listen faster?

For some of us podcasts are valuable sources of information, but listening to one can take up unnecessary time. With Overcast a podcast is sped up, so you get the information fast.


Part of you problem may be that you get distracted. Have you tried music to help you focus?

On Noisli you’ll find many different sounds that are known to enhance productivity:

  • Waves
  • Rain
  • Casual chatter

While you listen to this, other distractions will be blocked by your brain. Now you can focus on the task at hand, even if you work in a crowded office, or if there’s loud traffic outside your home.


What are your biggest challenges when it comes to productivity? Here we discuss the most loved productivity apps on the market. There’s something for every type of challenge.

All you need to do is learn a few new habits and these apps are designed to help you get it right. Because they’re on your Smartphone, from now on you’ll have assistance to get things done fast wherever you go.

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