How to Improve Your Sleep—Direction Matters

best direction to sleep

Are you tired of rolling around at night? What keeps you up? Thoughts, body pain or sounds? Many people suffering from insomnia don’t have answers.

What if all you’ve been doing wrong is sleeping in the wrong direction?

Yes, the direction you pick may impact your quality of sleep. The human body is a unique creation and you must find the ways that help it function best.

Below we outline some facts, to help you find the solution you’ve been searching for.

Position vs Direction

Your first thoughts may have been that you should simply adjust the positioning of your limbs.

Yes, this is a popular topic regarding quality sleep. Your limbs must be in their most natural positions for optimum comfort and rest. Remember, your bed plays a huge role in this aspect.

But picking a direction is about positioning your bed correctly. Which of these should you use?

Draw Wisdom from Many Cultures

Is this a new concept to you? Then you’ll be surprised to hear that many communities around the globe support this approach:

  • In India the Vastu Shastra system incorporates this.
  • From China you may have heard of Feng Shui. This approach takes it one step further by also focusing on the arrangement of furniture in the room.
  • Some Islamic beliefs note that it matters on which of your sides you sleep.

For centuries it has brought people better dreams, enhanced health and peaceful nights. Will you give it a try as well?

Important Guidelines

The reasons for adjusting your sleep position are vast. People have spent years researching the spiritual and scientific impact. But you don’t have to know everything. These guidelines are easy to follow and enough to get you sleeping better.

What Does Your Room Look Like?

As mentioned, Feng Shui incorporates furniture placement into its approach. Apart from where your bed should face, you should also note:

  • Is your bed in a commanding position behind the door?
  • Do you have a wall at the head of the bed?
  • Do you have balance by allowing access from both sides?
  • It’s best to place your bed away from electrical outlets and appliances.

Can you combine this Chinese approach with other important guidelines?

Where do You Live?

A huge role player in how you should arrange your room is your current location. Readers in the northern hemisphere will experience different effects than people in the southern hemisphere.

The Pros and Cons of Each Direction

Do you have your compass ready? You need to identify your current direction and see if you need adjustments.


The general rule of thumb is that north is never a good direction to point your head. Why? Because the earth’s magnetism can influence your blood flow. This causes blood to rush to your head and it can even cause haemorrhages. On a spiritual level this position can attract negativity which will cause bad dreams.

Many people who dare to do this report feeling sick or not getting enough quality sleep. And when you realize many cultures place dead bodies facing north, it becomes a position you also want to avoid.

However, this strict guideline adjusts when you live in the southern hemisphere. While it’s still not advisable, you may consider sleeping this way if there’s no other viable option. The effects will be limited.


Once again, you must consider your position. This is an acceptable position in the northern half of the globe. Some Vastu Shastra followers proclaim this as your best option.

What will you gain? Apart from excellent sleep, your wealth and happiness may also increase.

But beware in the southern hemisphere. You’re tilting your head in a direction that can cause medical complications.

Do you want to take that risk?


Facing horizontally—in contrast to facing up or down—is usually a beneficial position. Even adjusting you bed slightly and facing north-west can have an immense impact on sleep quality.

Here’s what you’ll gain: An excellent reputation and a prosperous life.

Why not try it? You have nothing to lose and much to gain.


This is the direction for world leaders. Facing east is connected to an increase in mental abilities, such as concentration and memory. Yes, you can perform better at school or at your job, simply by turning your bed tonight.

This is the best option, especially if you’re located in the north.

Why Does This Work?

This is an approach that’s part of culture but it’s entwined with science.


If the moon has an effect on the oceans’ waves, surely your blood will also respond to certain gravitational forces. This is why you’ll experience physical sensations when you pick a new sleep direction.


You’ll also see the effect in other parts of your life, because it’s believed your positioning attracts either positive or negative energy. When you face the right direction, you’re also influenced in the correct manner by the rising sun and you can accept the satvik frequencies.

Aren’t new energy and even prosperity enough reasons to change your approach to sleep? There are definite forces at play and it’s up to you to benefit from them. Now you know the facts. What will you do with them?


You thought your lack of sleep is because you’re simply a restless sleeper? No. What you need is a sleep transformation. And then you’ll enhance your life. How is this possible? Because your health and quality of life is determined by your slumber.

Use this handy guideline to understand how your direction of sleep impacts your life. It’s a notion supported by many Eastern cultures such as the Indian Vastu Shastra. But it also incorporates science, because the earth’s forces impact your body and even spirit. When you understand it, you’ll be equipped to apply it in your own life.

Will you be one of the people whose lives are altered by a simple shift of furniture?

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