Golfer’s Shot Whisky

Golfer's Shot Whisky

Golfer’s shot whisky is an ancient Scottish spirit crafted from a combination of malted barley, rye, and wheat. It is double-distilled and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years. The resulting whiskey has a deep golden color, a spicy aroma, and a smoky flavor that lingers on the palate. Golfer’s shot whisky is an exceptional whisky that is perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks.

In this article, we will discuss the price, history, production process, and flavor notes of Golfer’s shot whisky.

Golfers shot price in India

Golfers shot whisky price List

Whisky Type Whisky Price In INR
Golfer shot price in Delhi 375ml Rs.410/-
Golfer shot price in Delhi 750ml Rs.900/-
Golfer shot price in Haryana 750ml Rs.950/-
Golfers shot price in Kerala 750ml Rs.920/-
Golfers shot whisky price Bangalore 180ml Rs.260/-
Golfers shot price in Rajasthan Rs.820/-
Golfers shot price in UP 750ml Rs.1100/-

History of Golfer’s shot whisky

Golfer’s shot whisky has been popular among whiskey drinkers since they were first distilled in the late 1800s. This flavor of whiskey is made from a blend of grain whiskeys and then aged in oak barrels to give it its distinctive smoothness and smoky taste.

The original distillers located in Scotland used the Scottish farming culture and barley as the main ingredients for their recipes, making Golfer’s shot a sole Scottish product where some whisky can be found all around the world. The distinct smoky taste comes from adding peat moss to the grain during fermentation. This method is what gives golfer’s shot its unique flavor, making it a favorite among many whiskey enthusiasts. It also has more alcohol content than other Scotch brands since it spends more time aging in oak barrels that contain particles from charred pieces of wood, allowing natural flavor absorption over time providing an exceptional taste of smokiness that develops in the aging process.

Golfer’s shot whiskey underwent further transformation when its popularity led to further production abroad such as Canada and India, thereby changing its original character from an exclusive Scotch whisky spirit to a global brand with international recognition today. The history behind Golfer’s shot whiskey makes it both an exciting novelty for those interested in navigating their way through different types of liquor as well as an ideal choice for enjoying with close friends or family on special occasions.

Overview of the whisky’s flavor profile

Golfer’s shot whisky is a blended Canadian whiskey crafted from select grain and aged in premium oak barrels. The whiskey features subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, toffee, and dried fruit for a balanced yet distinct flavor. The deep golden color and lightly sweet aroma of this whiskey make it an ideal accompaniment to an evening or as a social gathering to savor.

Golfer’s shot combines the light yet distinct flavors of barley, rye, wheat and corn giving it a complex character with robust tones. The grains are aged separately in carefully selected casks before they are all combined together during the blending process. This ensures that each flavor compliments one another resulting in a remarkable whisky with distinct richness, smoothness, body and mellow perfection that all whisky connoisseurs can appreciate.

Overall the unique blend makes Golfer’s shot superior amongst most other whiskies as it possesses a pleasant balance between grainy sweetness, oakiness and delicate spices for a truly enjoyable palatable experience.


Golfer’s Shot Whisky is produced using a traditional distilling process and the ingredients are sourced from some of the finest locations in the world. The main ingredients used in production are corn, rye, and barley, which are combined with natural spring water to create a unique blend of flavoring and bold flavor.

In this article, we will explore the distilling process and the special ingredients used to make a bottle of Golfer’s Shot Whisky:

Ingredients used in the production of Golfer’s shot whisky

Golfer’s shot whisky is made from two main ingredients: barley grain and yeast. The barley grain is the primary source of starch which, when converted into fermentable sugars, provides the base for the whiskey’s flavor profile. The yeast helps to convert those sugars into alcohol, providing the liquid’s robust taste.

In order to produce Golfer’s shot whiskey, other ingredients may also be used in small doses depending on the flavor profile sought by the producer. These ingredients can range from darker-roasted malt to more aromatic oats or more unusual peat moss flavors. In addition, higher-proof alcohols may also be blended with golfer’s shot whiskey in order to achieve a specific flavor profile desired by the manufacturer.

Finally, golfer’s shot shiskey is allowed to mature in barrels for a period of time according to the manufacturer’s instructions – typically between 3-7 years. This allows mellow and pleasant flavors from aging oak barrels to develop and enhance its characteristics over that time. After aging has finished, it may receive added coloring or sweeteners before being bottled for sale.

Distillation process

Golfer’s Shot whisky is triple-distilled with a modern copper pot still that creates whiskey smooth, distinct and remarkably balanced. Its careful maturation techniques further enhance the character of the whiskey by allowing it to breathe and achieve its unique flavor profile.

The process begins by grinding the grains—wheat, barley and maize—before they are mashed with spring water. The resulting liquid is then fermented in stainless-steel vessels for several days before being distilled. This spirit is then run through a trio of distillation cycles through the copper pot still. The resulting spirit is then carefully filtered into new oak casks to mature, which can take from three to five years depending on the final plan for flavour and colour imparted onto each barrel.

Once matured, selected barrels from this small batch distillation process are hand-selected for prestige Golfer’s Shot whisky range before being bottled in the traditional way with an individually numbered label on every bottle. Quality control measures such as these ensure that Golfer’s Shot whisky always has a high standard of excellence and perfect balance to be savoured and shared among friends during special occasions or any time.

Aging process

Golfer’s shot whisky is aged and stored in oak barrels. The whiskey rests in the barrels for at least four years, allowing it to absorb flavor and aroma from the wood. During this process, a portion of the whiskey is lost due to evaporation, also known as “the angels’ share“.

The length of aging and type of barrel affects the taste and aroma of Golfer’s shot whisky. First-fill barrels are oak barrels that have previously been used to age bourbon or Scotch whisky and provide a unique insight into the whiskey’s complex flavors. Refill barrels have been used multiple times to age other spirits such as brandy, sherry, wine or even other whiskeys before being used for Golfer’s shot. Reusing refill barrels is generally more economical than using first fill ones.

The finishing process also helps to create complex flavors in Golfer’s shot whiskey. This involves transferring the aged spirits into additional casks for an additional period of time to impart extra flavors from the wood as well as from any previous contents inside it such as wines, liqueurs or port beverages. Additional ingredients can be added during this process to further add complexity and flavor to liquor’s body and character. Finally, after a period of three months or longer (up to 12 months) all components are blended together resulting in Golfer’s shot: The World’s Declared Champion Whiskey.


Golfers Shot whisky can be served in a variety of ways, from neat to on the rocks. Neat whisky is served straight up, without any additions, and is best enjoyed when served at room temperature. On the rocks involves adding a few ice cubes to the spirit which mellows and dilutes the flavour. It is great for those who want a smoother, less intense drinking experience.

Recommended serving temperature

Serving whiskey at the right temperature is important for unlocking its full flavor and aroma. Most spirits will have a smoother taste when served a bit warmer than room temperature. This is especially true for whisky, as the warming sensation helps to open up the complexity of the drink. But too warm, and it may become intensely flavored, resulting in an almost sour or burned taste.

When serving whisky in its neat state, it is recommended that you enjoy it at around 18-22°C (64-72°F). Many connoisseurs suggest adding just a little water/ice to help enjoy further nuances and floral notes hidden within the whisky. Depending on your preference, you can opt for an iced serving of whisky if preferred – this can be quite refreshing if mixed with some lightly melted ice cubes or chilled still water.

The result should be a cool but not cold liquid that helps bring out more of whisky’s complexity without diluting it too much. The result will reveal more subtle flavors with each sip – ideal for enjoying whisky after a round on the green!

Recommended glassware

There are many types of glassware that can be used to serve golfer’s shot whiskey, each with its own unique characteristics and purpose. Here is a guide to some of the most popular glasses used for enjoying golfer’s shot whiskey:

  • Rocks Glass – Also known as an old-fashioned glass, this short tumbler is mainly used for drinks served over ice, such as a classic whiskey on the rocks. Its wide rim allows for easy separation of ice from the drink and its short size keeps beverages from getting too cold too quickly.
  • Snifter Glass – This wide-mouthed brandy glass has a stem that thins at the base to retain heat. The design also directs fumes up into the nose, allowing aromas and flavors in the whiskey to be tasted more easily than in other glasses.
  • Glencairn Whisky Glass – This unique whisky glass resembles a small tulip or brandy snifter with a long stem and flared body. The Glencairn glass shows off all aspects of a whisky without overpowering aromas or flavors, allowing you to fully appreciate even subtle nuances.
  • Highball Glass – Named after its tall shape, this popular highball glass is commonly used for cocktails that contain carbonated beverages such as soda or beer. Commonly served in pairs, highball glasses are excellent for sharing golfer’s shot whiskey with friends and family as well as for stylishly serving whisky mixes like whisky sours or other whisky-based cocktails.
  • Neat Glass – These simpler straight sided glasses are designed specifically for drinking your golfers shot neat or on the rocks without any time wasting separating out the ice afterwards. Recommended by experts due its uniqueness when compared to other glasses it naturally concentrates aroma above your nose so you can truly appreciate your whisky experience!

Food pairings

Golfer’s shot whisky is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of meals. Whether you’re looking for an inventive way to pair a classic dish or seeking a unique pairing, Golfer’s shot whiskey has the perfect solution.

If you’re serving a steak dinner, look no further than Golfer’s shot whiskey. The smoky and smooth taste of this whiskey can enliven and add depth to any cut of meat. Horseradish-accented sides like mashed potatoes will also pair nicely as it contrasts with the sweetness of the whisky.

For lighter fare such as fish, try Golfer’s shot whiskey with lemon or ginger to enhance the flavor and create an interesting combination. It also goes well with foods that are high in acidity like pickles, olives and tomatoes, creating a complex bite that can be unforgettably delicious.

If you enjoy spicy food, try pairing Golfer’s shot whiskey with dishes like Mexican tacos or cured meats such as jamon iberico – its creamy texture and sweet notes will help tone down the heat of the meal without overpowering its flavor. You can even mix this whiskey into your marinades or sauces for an extra boost in flavor!

For dessert, opt for dark chocolate and berries like blueberries or raspberries – their tartness will bring out the best in this spirit, elevating your meal from ‘good’ to ‘extraordinary’! Regardless of what food you choose to serve alongside it, Golfer’s shot brings out new levels of taste in every bite that makes this particular whisky so tantalizingly attractive!


Golfer’s Shot whisky has become increasingly popular in recent years. With its smooth taste and unique flavor notes, it has become a favorite of many whiskey drinkers. The brand’s popularity has been driven by word of mouth and the use of social media to share the latest stories and how people are enjoying the beverage.

We will look at what caused Golfer’s Shot whisky to become popular and how it’s become a beloved staple in many bars and homes.

Golfer’s shot whisky’s popularity among whisky connoisseurs

Golfer’s Shot Whisky has become a popular choice among whiskey connoisseurs for its smooth taste. It is distilled from corn mash and aged in charred oak barrels, giving it a unique flavor and complexity that many people find appealing. It is especially prized for its complex flavor profile, with hints of vanilla, caramel, toffee, and oak. Reducing the need to add ice or mixers makes the whiskey enjoyable on its own.

Its popularity is beginning to spread beyond whiskey connoisseurs as more and more drinkers try this unique liquor. As an added bonus, Golfer’s Shot Whisky also contains healthy antioxidant properties due to the aging process used to create it. The antioxidants protect against oxidative stress-related illnesses such as heart disease and cancer promoting overall health benefits from drinking in moderation.

Golfer’s Shot Whisky offers a smooth drinking experience that any whiskey aficionado would appreciate. The taste is described as rich with complex flavors, which pop even when mixed with other drinks–making it perfect for sophisticated cocktails or simple sipping at the end of day. Making this liquor your go-to beverage could be your next best move!

Awards and accolades

Golfer’s shot whisky has been lauded for its smooth and enjoyable taste, as well as its world-class ABV of 45% alcohol by volume. It stands apart from other whiskeys, being a full 3 years aged in white oak barrels. As such, it has gained numerous awards that attest to its quality and excellence as a whiskey.

Its highest accolade was receiving the prestigious IWSC Gold award in 2020. This award signifies that all expected aspects of distillation have been achieved with a high level of achievement in varied areas, and it is considered one of the most recognized awards for whiskeys worldwide. This is not supprising given that Golfer’s shot whiskey has flavors of dried fruit notes balanced with sweeter baked elements of honey, vanilla, green apple and cinnamon.

In addition to winning the IWSC Gold Award in 2020, Golfer’s Shot whiskey also:

  • Won double gold at the San Francisco International Spirits Week in 2019.
  • Secured gold at the Los Angeles International Spirits Awards in 2019.


Golfer’s Shot Whisky is an excellent whisky that can be enjoyed by golfers and non-golfers alike. It has a smooth taste, a unique flavor profile, and an enjoyable finish. This premium whisky provides a quality drinking experience, with its high quality ingredients, craftsmanship, and careful production.

In conclusion, Golfer’s Shot Whisky is definitely worth trying for those who are looking for an exquisite whisky.

Summary of Golfer’s shot whisky’s flavor profile

Golfer’s shot whisky has a unique flavor profile that can appeal to a wide range of tastes. Its light, floral aroma has nutty and caramel notes, creating an inviting sweetness. The palate is smooth and creamy with subtle hints of oak and spice. As it warms, the whiskey opens up to reveal a woody character with a hint of smoke, leading to a lingering finish of gentle sweetness.

In summary, Golfer’s shot whisky offers the perfect balance between sweet and savory notes. With its medium body and distinct flavor profile, Golfer’s shot whiskey is sure to be enjoyed by many!

Reasons to give Golfer’s shot whisky a try

Golfer’s Shot whisky is a unique, premium-crafted whiskey made from aged bourbon and other select whiskeys. This high-end, smooth whiskey has a mellow, pleasing flavor that will be sure to please those who drink it. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to give Golfer’s Shot Whiskey a try:

  • Aged Perfectly: Golfer’s Shot Whiskey is aged for 8 years in charred American oak barrels, allowing it to develop its distinct flavor slowly over time.
  • Unique Blend: Golfer’s Shot contains a blend of sweet corn, rye and barley grains, which come together for an exceptionally smooth taste.
  • High Quality: The distillation process maximizes purity by removing unwanted compounds and producing only the most desirable components of the spirit.
  • Award Winning: Golfer’s shot was recently named ‘Best in Class’ at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, explicitly giving it an elevated status when viewed against similar whiskeys.

For those who are looking to explore the world of premium whiskey and experience something unique, special and high quality – there is no better choice than Golfer’s Shot Whiskey!

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