Rowdy Place in Tamilnadu

Rowdy Place in Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu is famous for its cultural heritage and religious diversity. However, it also has some places which have lots of crime and violence. These places are called “rowdy” and are known for criminal activity. Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious rowdy places in Tamil Nadu.

Rowdies are people who do criminal activities in or outside their village. They can smuggle, counterfeit, extort, steal and even murder and kidnap.

  • Tiruchirapalli, Virudhunagar, Madurai and Theni are some of the most notorious rowdy places in Tamil Nadu. Protection rackets operate there without fear. In Tiruchirapalli, it’s estimated that more than 400 criminals roam the streets and do things like broker disputes between gangs and rob.
  • Virudhunagar is close to Srivilliputhur and is also known for criminal activities. Extortion rackets flourish there, and people live in fear.
  • Madurai is the birthplace of Velmurugan Darekneeler, a convicted murderer, and other criminals.
  • Theni is notorious for smuggling liquor and contrabands.
  • Coimbatore city is a safe haven for gangsters, who believe they won’t get arrested there easily due to its lawlessness.
  • Kanyakumari district also has rowdies who cause fear with their violent acts.

Places to visit

Tamilnadu is renowned for its beauty! It’s diverse culture and scenic tourist spots make it a must-see.

An awesome place to check out in Tamilnadu is a Rowdy place. It has something special for everyone! Here we’ll explore the many attractions that make this rowdy place a must-visit for all travelers:


Coimbatore is a bustling city in Tamil Nadu’s hinterland. It has been transforming into a major educational and industrial hub in recent decades. Travelers flock here to explore its culture and vibrant atmosphere. Here are some places you should check out!

  • The Perur Temple stands 8km from Coimbatore. It was built by Karikala Chola between the 6th and 7th centuries and is adorned with intricate sculptures and carvings. The temple hosts festivals such as Maha Shivaratri and Thaipoosam throughout the year.
  • Vellingiri Hill Station, 20km away from Coimbatore. It offers stunning views, especially during monsoon and late winter. You can go rock climbing, trekking or paragliding here!
  • Amaravati Dam is 55km away from Coimbatore. It provides a peaceful atmosphere with breathtaking scenery. Monsoon is especially beautiful here – perfect for a picnic or a barbeque party under starlit night skies!


Ooty, in Tamil Nadu, is an idyllic hill station tucked within the Nilgiris. Its rolling pastures and lush green hills make it a popular tourist destination in India. It once served as the summer headquarters of the East India Company and now welcomes many visitors yearly. From thrilling adventures to boat rides – there is something here for everyone! This hill station is home to historic buildings, lush greenery and many interesting places to explore.

The Toy Train is one of the best things to do in Ooty. It takes you through mesmerizing scenery and is an unforgettable journey. The Botanical Garden located at the foot of Dodabetta Peak has more than a thousand species of shrubs, trees and herbs with flowerbeds and meandering pathways. It is part of Ooty’s tea tourist route. Another spot to explore is Avalanche Lake – which is 21 km away from Ooty and is situated near Mysore Road. With its series of shimmering waterfalls, it will definitely mesmerize you!

This scenic hill station also offers adventurous activities such as trekking, mountain biking and swimming – making it a great escape for adventure-seekers. Pykara Lake provides perfect respite from the busy city life. It also offers amazing views and boating opportunities in motorboats or paddleboats. The market near Charing Cross is a shopper’s paradise – with its unique shopping sites like Heritage Galleria. There are many more places to visit in Ooty – making it a must-see destination.


Kodaikanal is a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu, South India. It lies on the southern end of the Palani Hills and offers amazing views of lush green valleys and waterfalls. Hence, it’s nick-named as “The Princess of Hill Stations.” Exciting outdoor activities such as barbeque parties, trekking, camping, boat rides and sightseeing can be enjoyed here.

The environment of Kodaikanal is tranquil and peaceful. Kodai Lake stands tall amidst the landscape, and boat rides are available for visitors to explore the area. Nature walks through dense forests and taking photos from the banks of the lake are also popular activities.

The extensive variety of flowers from roses, daffodils, hydrangeas, carnations to sunflowers decorates the township, making it beautiful and charming. Attractions include:

  • Bryant Park with its numerous varieties of flowers;
  • Solar Observatory with stunning insights into space;
  • Kurinjiandavar Temple dedicated to Lord Muruga; and
  • Pilgrim Center where large crowds gather every month during full moon days.

Kodaikanal also houses many fascinating waterfalls, including Bear Shola Falls & Pambar Falls, and other attractions like Moir Point, Dolphin nose & Fairy falls that can be explored on jeep safaris or trekking expeditions.

Besides the natural beauty, Kodaikanal has many interesting picnic spots and rowdy places. Coakers Walk and Green Valley View offer awesome views, while Shembaganur Museum of Natural History & Kukkal Cave are worth checking out. Lastly, aerial cosy cafes provide an amazing ambience and tasty bites! So plan your holiday soon to explore these wonders!

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Tamilnadu is a lively and active place! There’s lots to do including theme parks, malls, and outdoor adventures. Here are the best activities for a day out or calm evening. Tamilnadu has something for everyone – from cultural and historical attractions to fun and entertainment:

  • Theme parks
  • Malls
  • Outdoor adventures


Trekking and hiking are two of the most thrilling outdoor activities in Tamil Nadu. Everyone, from experienced trekkers to beginners, can explore the hills and mountains around the state. These offer many testing routes and gorgeous views.

Tamil Nadu’s woodlands are full of paths to hilly summits. From there, you can glimpse stunning sights or visit old sites or temples. You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty and freshness of nature. Trekking in these forests also gives you a great chance to exercise.

Some of the most popular trekking spots are:

  • Sirumalai, considered one of the toughest treks in south India. It has six peaks with amazing views.
  • Yelagiri Hills, which is close to Bangalore and has an easy terrain.
  • Kodaikanal Hill Station, which has a beautiful landscape with a road that goes up to the summit.

For an adrenaline rush, why not go on an overnight camping trip? You can select from tent stay, rustic huts or eco-lodges, depending on your budget. Remember to bring a flashlight! Before venturing into unfamiliar areas, make sure you get permission. So, pack your rucksack and hit those winding trails!


Boating is a popular pastime at Tamil Nadu’s lively spots. With plenty of options for fishing or just admiring the landscape from a different angle, you can use motorized and non-motorized boats to explore the area. You can opt for a peaceful paddleboat ride down the river, or explore coastal areas with a kayak or a motorboat like an ATV.

Parasailing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving through its remarkable coral reefs are also available. If you don’t want to take a solo trip, tour operators offer boat trips. Speedboats can take you to hidden coves, and slower transport boats can take you to the open sea for a stunning sunset cruise. Whatever your wishes, boating is a thrilling way to discover this wonderful part of Tamil Nadu!


Tamil Nadu is renowned for its abundant and varied flora and fauna. It boasts numerous species of large mammals, an array of birds and amphibians, and wild elephants in the forests of the Nilgiris district. Nature lovers can explore Tamil Nadu through birdwatching, elephant safaris and jungle treks.

You can also spot tigers in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, located in the Western Ghats hills. Guided jeep safaris take you through this wildlife haven. Here you can observe the magnificent Bengal tigers and contribute to conservation efforts.

Mudumalai National Park is home to 150 elephants. You can even go on an elephant-riding venture for a true wilderness experience! Birdwatchers can appreciate rare and interesting species like Grey Pelican, Grey Junglefowl, Red Spurfowls, Temminck’s Stints and Peafowls. Reptilian species like star tortoises, slender lizards, red sand boas can be seen at Chinnar lake city.

Tamil Nadu’s wild terrain offers something for all kinds of travellers: from extreme sports, eco tours to a peaceful tree-shade retreat – nothing compares to the beauty here!


Search no more! Tamilnadu’s best shopping experience awaits you in the lively Koyambedu markets. From clothing to electronics, spices to jewelry – there’s something for everyone at Koyambedu. Take a day out and explore the amazing stores and markets of Koyambedu. It’ll be worth it!


Tamil Nadu is famous for its many handicrafts. These feature a range of materials like stone, wood, clay and metals. They are ancient arts and are still used today. From bronze sculptures to terracotta masks to work with bamboo and rattan, traditional and contemporary designs can be found in most parts of the region. Fine shops offer these handicrafts, as well as souvenirs such as handmade pottery, carpets, jewelry, furniture, textiles, and woodcarvings.

The capital city, Chennai, has traditional terracotta figures featuring Hindu gods Shiva, Ganesh and Vishnu, as well as historic figures from Tamil Nadu’s past. Clay horses from Thanjavur are also popular. Madurai has many bronze sculptures, and items from nearby villages that specialize in handwoven textiles like Kanjeevaram saris. Karaikudi has master craftspeople who create brass and bronze utensils and jewelry boxes made from rosewood or sandalwood. Other cities such as Tiruchirapalli and Coimbatore have their own unique crafts, such as Rathinamalai stone carvings depicting Hindu mythology.


Shopping for spices in Tamil Nadu requires patience and knowledge. There is an array of products to choose from. Many stores stock a blend of spices. Whole spices come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Ground spices are earthy tones. Dried herbs are perfect garnishing mediums. Salt varieties come in course grinds and fine powders.

For example, Himalayan pink salt is popular in Tamil Nadu. It enhances digestive tracts and is common in kitchens.


Tamil Nadu is famous for its culture, heritage and textile industry. It’s been a hub since ancient times, with Kanchipuram sarees being the most popular. There are over 1000 handlooms producing sarees, dhoti-shirts, dress materials and bedspreads. The unique designs and colorful motifs can take weeks or months to create.

Traditional cotton sarees are light and comfortable, with checks, stripes or solids with contrast borders and pallu designs. Dhoti-shirts offer traditional styling. Dress material has Block prints with geometrical motifs, while zari embroidery adds richness to salwar-kameez suits or lehengas.

Shoppers can find fabric by the yard, like Chiffon’s cotton voiles or lightweight materials at shops in Coimbatore. There are options for clothing construction, quilted blankets or even wall hangings – something to suit every style!


Finding a place to stay in rowdy parts of Tamilnadu can be tricky. Not all areas have the same facilities and amenities that make your stay pleasant. Prior to picking a place to stay, important factors such as safety, convenience, and costs must be looked into.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of accommodations available in rowdy parts of Tamilnadu. Plus, their advantages and disadvantages:


Tamilnadu has hotels to meet all types of travelers. You can find luxury 5-star resorts, budget boutique hotels, and tourist packages. Chennai is home to world-class properties like Taj group of Hotels & Resorts and The Leela Palace Chennai. Ruby Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels, and Ramada by Wyndham are a few two-star accommodation options.

Mahabalipuram is a popular destination, with its beaches and temples. You can find hotels and resorts like Dreamtours Mahabalipuram Beach Resort and The Leela Palace Mahabalipuram Hotel & Resort. If you’re on a budget, check out Esthell Hotel A&B Valluvar Kottam or Golden Sun Beach Resort Madambakkam.

Trichy has many hotel choices. The Gateway Hotel Rock fort Trichy (operated by Taj Group of Hotels), Lemon Tree Premier, and Vivanta by Taj -Suriyasagar trichy offer top-end stays. Budget travelers can find two-star to four-star guest houses at reasonable prices.


Tamil Nadu is home to luxurious resorts offering comfortable lodging and wonderful leisure facilities. From beach resorts along the Bay of Bengal to heritage properties in the Cardamon Hills, there’s something for everyone! Many family-friendly resorts provide all kinds of amenities. You’re sure to find the perfect resort for your vacation.

Resorts in Tamil Nadu usually come with excellent amenities, like swimming pools, spa services, activities, and entertainment for adults and children. Many have fine dining options and accommodation from basic rooms to luxury apartments. Need a home away from home, or just a break from the city? You’ll have plenty of options in Tamil Nadu’s resorts.

For relaxation, visitors can chill at beach properties near India’s beautiful coastal areas. These resorts provide access to broad white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. Select properties in Tamil Nadu also have golf courses and health clubs for those seeking holiday activities beyond sunbathing on beaches.

If relaxation isn’t your priority, try hills stations with trekking in evergreen jungles, or theme parks with thrilling entertainment for adults and kids. Tamil Nadu is an unforgettable holiday destination! Whether you want private luxury or family fun, you’ll find it here like nowhere else!

Home Stays

Home Stays in Tamil Nadu are a unique accommodation choice. They provide a more personal experience than a hotel, allowing visitors to explore local culture and traditions up close. The rooms typically feature one to two bedrooms, a kitchen, living area and one or two bathrooms. Self-catering and self-service amenities are also included. Staying in a home allows visitors to settle into their own private space, deepening their connection with the local community.

Home stays may come with complimentary meals cooked by the host family. Laundry, housekeeping and transportation services may be available at a fee. Hosts are usually people with a strong connection to the local culture and environment, who can provide guests with an inside look into Tamil Nadu life. Home stays offer visitors the chance to experience centuries-old cultures, making each moment of the visit truly special.


Tamil Nadu is known for its “rowdy places,” with big cities and small towns alike. Organized crime, alcohol abuse, and political interference can be dangerous.

Safety measures have been taken by the government:

  • laws controlling alcohol purchase
  • law enforcement
  • removing troublemakers
  • curbing organized crime

It’s best to be aware of potentially unsafe locations in Tamil Nadu. Do a little research to guarantee your safety while visiting this scenic South Indian state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the most rowdy places in Tamil Nadu?

A1. Some of the most rowdy places in Tamil Nadu are Madurai, Chennai, and Tiruchirapalli.

Q2. Is it safe to visit rowdy places in Tamil Nadu?

A2. Visiting rowdy places in Tamil Nadu can be risky, so it is always recommended to take adequate safety measures while travelling.

Q3.How can one avoid rowdy places in Tamil Nadu?

A3.It is best to avoid rowdy places in Tamil Nadu, as there is a high risk of crime. It is also suggested to research the areas before visiting and take necessary precautions.

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