5 Secret Tricks for the Perfect Guacamole

Tips for the Perfect Guacamole

The delicious avocado cream goes perfectly with the next summer barbecue evening, with baked potatoes or as a party dip. You should know these tricks.

A guacamole is actually pretty easy, right? The inside of the avocado is mashed into a beautiful porridge and then seasoned. The perfect guacamole seems ready. But with these five brilliant tips, the heavenly dip will be even better:

Use a Mortar & Pestle

For the perfect structure, the avocado can be broken up better with a special stone mortar. This makes the guacamole a lot creamier than if it had been crushed with a normal fork. In addition, a mortar is a lot faster! So you not only save time, you also get a perfect consistency. You can also season in the bowl. So the cream with the spices can be mixed as best as possible with the mortar.

First the avocado, then the rest

Make sure you have nice, creamy guacamole before adding the rest of the ingredients. If you are satisfied, you can add lemon juice, garlic to the dip. The different flavours of the added food come into their own even better and are not destroyed or made milder by eternal mortar.

Fresh lime juice

Depending on whether you choose lemon or lime, please use the freshly squeezed juice. The concentrated lemon juice from the plastic or glass bottle is far from being so good. By the way: The acid in the lime or lemon juice slows down the natural tanning of the guacamole! The core can do that, too. Simply leave the avocado core in the guacamole and it will not turn brown so quickly.

Change the ingredients

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the standard ingredients of guacamole. But you are also welcome to experiment. For example, use jalapenos or a dash of fruity mango or pineapple juice. The addition of other spices can give the guacamole a completely different twist. Try cumin or ground coriander, for example. This gives the avocado dip a Mediterranean flair.

Use a mat

If you put a rag or something similar under your bowl, the bowl will not slide away while you crush the avocado with the mortar. You can then add ingredients with one hand and pound with the other without the bowl slipping. In addition, you do not have to clean the work surface afterwards and save time! Perfect when guests come every minute.